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St Alban, Kings Road, Romford

A small suburban church of 1890, which hides inside a large amount of late twentieth and early twenty first century art.

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 romford_st_alban101013_14  romford_st_alban101013_30
 romford_st_alban101013_21  romford_st_alban101013_26
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 romford_st_alban101013_32  romford_st_alban101013_35

St Cedd (former), Sims Close, Romford

A hall just outside Romford town centre formerly owned by the Royal Association for Deaf People, which has been used for Anglican worship in the past. By 2019 it had become a day nursery


St Augustine, Birkbeck Road, Romford

Built in 1958 south-west of Romford town centre. The architect seems unrecorded.


St Edward the Confessor, Park End Road. Romford (Roman Catholic)

Separated from the market place by the ring road, this church was built in 1856 by David Cubitt Nicholls.


St Agnes, Jutsums Lane, Romford

Built in 1928, a hall church which has not been used for services since January 2017.

St John the Divine (Former), Mawney Road, Romford now Triumphant Chapel

North west of Romford town centre is the former parish church of St John. It was designed in a byzantine style by W.D. Caroe in 1927 but only the sanctuary was built, it was completed in 1932 by Herbert Passmore with a west wall by Laurence King in 1979. It was declared redundant in 2010 and was in the hands of The Redeemed Christian Church of God on my first visit in 2013. In January 2020 it is used by Triumphant Chapel/Christ Heritage Assembly based in Barking and the grounds are padlocked.

romford_st_john140313_8 romford_st_john140313_1
 romford_st_john140313_3 romford_st_john_foundation_stone140313_
 romford_st_john140313_7 romford_st_john_notices140313_

St Andrew, Romford

A backstreet church not too far west of the town centre. By John Johnson 1861-62. The east window was damaged by bombing so only the tracery lights are 19th century, the rest is from 1994 by Caroline Benyon.

St Edward the Confessor, Market Place, Romford

The town centre parish church is by John Johnson 1849-50 on the foundations of the medieval church. Several large monuments from that church are preserved within.  A very cared for interior featuring several modern stained glass windows at the west end.​