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St Martin, High Street, Ruislip

The medieval parish church of Ruislip in the town centre. At its heart is a 13th century building, with a 15th century tower and a south aisle, chapel and chancel rebuilt or added in the 15th century. Ewan Christian restored the chancel in 1869 and Gilbert Scott the nave in 1886. There is much 19th century glass, medieval wall paintings and big collection of hatchments.

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Sacred Heart, Pembroke Road, Ruislip (Roman Catholic)

Round the corner from Ruislip Manor station. A basilica of 1939 by George Drysdale, entered through a covered way to the halls added in 1984.

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 ruislip_most_sacred_heart_rc130314_17  ruislip_most_sacred_heart_rc130314_9
 ruislip_most_sacred_heart_rc130314_8  ruislip_most_sacred_heart_rc130314_6
 ruislip_most_sacred_heart_rc130314_  ruislip_most_sacred_heart_rc130314_7
 ruislip_most_sacred_heart_rc130314_13  ruislip_most_sacred_heart_rc130314_10