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St Michael and St George, Commonwealth Avenue, White City

A short way down the road from the Roman Catholic church is this church of 1952-53 by Seely and Paget.


St Mary, Edith Road, West Kensington

Facing Hammersmith Road between Olympia and Brook Green this is a small church of 1960-61 by Seely and Paget. It replaced a 19th century church badly damaged in WW2


St Mary and Pope Kyrillos VI (Formerly All Saints CofE), Broad Walk, Hounslow West (Coptic Orthodox)

In a suburban road off the Great South Western Road. It was built as an Anglican hall/church in 1938 by Seely and Paget but was made redundant in 2004, there was some community use  until 2006 when demolition was proposed, with replacement by housing.It survived and  is now a Coptic Orthodox church, consecrated in 2017 with extensions added at right angles.


Ascension, Beaufort Road, North Ealing

A church of 1938-39 by Seely & Paget. The church is just off Hanger Lane.

hanger_hill_ascension221014_4 hanger_hill_ascension220514_1
 hanger_hill_ascension221014_1  hanger_hill_ascension221014_2
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St Augustine, Watling Street, City of London (former)

Bombed out in 1941, Wren’s tower of 1695-96 was reconstructed by Paul Paget of Seely and Paget in 1966 and now forms part of St Paul’s Cathedral choir school. The tower is immediately at the east end of the cathedral.

city_st_augustine_watling_street110114_  city_st_augustine_watling_street110114_2
 city_st_augustine_watling_street110114_1  city_st_augustine_watling_street110114_3

St Andrew, Holborn Viaduct, City of London

A Great Fire ruin rebuilt by Wren in 1684-86. The medieval tower was kept but refaced 1703-04. Seely and Paget restored it in 1961 after gutting in 1941.

city_st_andrew_holborn110114_ city_st_andrew_holborn110114_1
 city_st_andrew_holborn110114_3  city_st_andrew_holborn110114_6
 city_st_andrew_holborn060214_20  city_st_andrew_holborn060214_21

Christ Church, Newgate Street, City of London

Built 1677-87 by Wren but largely destroyed in the second world war. The tower and walls were restored by Lord Mottistone of Seely and Paget in 1960. THe church is now a garden.

city_christ_church_newgate_street110114_ city_christ_church_newgate_street110114_2
 city_christ_church_newgate_street110114_4  city_christ_church_newgate_street110114_6
 city_christ_church_newgate_street110114_5  city_christ_church_newgate_street110114_3

All Hallows by the Tower, Byward Street, City of London

By the Tower of London, a large church with 15th century aisles and some Saxon remains both in the church and in the extensive crypt, together with a 17th century tower. However, there was severe war damage followed by rebuilding in concrete by Lord Mottistone of Seely and Paget 1949-57.

city_all_hallows_by_the_tower110114_ city_all_hallows_by_the_tower110114_1

St John, St John’s Square, Clerkenwell

The church of the former St John’s Priory. The building has been much changed over the years and is no longer a parish church, but forms part of the Order of St John Museum. The church is a rebuilding of 1721-23 of the chancel of the priory, itself rebuilt in 1955-58 by Seely and Paget after war damage. Below it is the crypt which was built in two stages, the west end is mid 12th century and the east end and transepts date from about 1185. It was restored in 1900-01 and 1904-07 by John Oldrid Scott.

clerkenwell_st_john191213_ clerkenwell_st_john191213_17
 clerkenwell_st_john191213_15  clerkenwell_st_john191213_3
 clerkenwell_st_john191213_5  clerkenwell_st_john191213_1
 clerkenwell_st_john191213_6  clerkenwell_st_john191213_4
 clerkenwell_st_john191213_14  clerkenwell_st_john191213_11
 clerkenwell_st_john191213_10  clerkenwell_st_john191213_7

St Nicholas and All Hallows, Aberfeldy Street, Poplar

A Seely and Paget church of 1953-55, it closed in 1968 to be used as a store for vinyl discs and reopened in 1997 and repaired by Keith Harrison Architects (Tim Hornsby).

  poplar_st_nicholas_all_hallows141113_3 poplar_st_nicholas_all_hallows141113_6
 poplar_st_nicholas_all_hallows141113_5  poplar_st_nicholas_all_hallows141113_