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St John, St John’s Square, Clerkenwell

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The church of the former St John’s Priory. The building has been much changed over the years and is no longer a parish church, but forms part of the Order of St John Museum. The church is a rebuilding of 1721-23 of the chancel of the priory, itself rebuilt in 1955-58 by Seely and Paget after war damage. Below it is the crypt which was built in two stages, the west end is mid 12th century and the east end and transepts date from about 1185. It was restored in 1900-01 and 1904-07 by John Oldrid Scott.

clerkenwell_st_john191213_ clerkenwell_st_john191213_17
 clerkenwell_st_john191213_15  clerkenwell_st_john191213_3
 clerkenwell_st_john191213_5  clerkenwell_st_john191213_1
 clerkenwell_st_john191213_6  clerkenwell_st_john191213_4
 clerkenwell_st_john191213_14  clerkenwell_st_john191213_11
 clerkenwell_st_john191213_10  clerkenwell_st_john191213_7

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