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Our Lady of the Assumption, Warwick Street, Soho (Roman Catholic)

One of the oldest Roman Catholic Churches in Britain. It is by Joseph Bonomi, 1789-90. J.F. Bentley shortened the galleries in 1875-75 and recast the east end in 1900.

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 westminster_our_lady_of_the_assumptio_warwick_street_rcl020415_11  westminster_our_lady_of_the_assumptio_warwick_street_rcl020415_9
 westminster_our_lady_of_the_assumptio_warwick_street_rcl020415_6  westminster_our_lady_of_the_assumptio_warwick_street_rcl020415_8
 westminster_our_lady_of_the_assumptio_warwick_street_rcl020415_4  westminster_our_lady_of_the_assumptio_warwick_street_rcl020415_3

Notre Dame de France, Leicester Place, Soho (Roman Catholic)

dating from 1951-55 it is by H.O. Corfiato and serves the French speaking catholic community. It forms the lower part of a block of flats, but the church itself is circular. The great treasure is the set of paintings by Jean Cocteau in the Lady chapel which were added in 1960

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 westminster_notre_dame_leicester_square080514_  westminster_notre_dame_leicester_square080514_3
 westminster_notre_dame_leicester_square080514_2  westminster_notre_dame_leicester_square080514_1

St Anne, Soho

The tower of 1801-03 by S. P. Cockerell is all that remains of an otherwise 17th century church that was destroyed in WW2. A new development of housing, offices and a small church was built in 1989-91 to designs by Jan Piet and Julian Lucket of the Westwood Partnership. The site of the old church is now a public garden.

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St Patrick, Soho Square, Soho (Roman Catholic)

A large red brick church in Soho Square designed by John Kelly 1891-93.