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St Michael, Stockwell Park Road, Stockwell

Built 1840-41 and designed by W. Rogers. It is a typical commissioner’s style church of its date but with a rather fanciful frontage. Its future is under consideration as is St Andrew, Stockwell (Dec 2014).

stockwell_st_michael291114_  stockwell_st_michael291114_2
 stockwell_st_michael291114_8  stockwell_st_michael291114_6
 stockwell_st_michael291114_4  stockwell_st_michael291114_5
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 stockwell_st_michael061214_16  stockwell_st_michael061214_33
 stockwell_st_michael061214_31  stockwell_st_michael061214_8
 stockwell_st_michael061214_30  stockwell_st_michael061214_3
 stockwell_st_michael061214_17  stockwell_st_michael061214_22
 stockwell_st_michael061214_24  stockwell_st_michael061214_26
 stockwell_st_michael061214_6  stockwell_st_michael061214_23

St Francis de Sales and St Gertrude, Larkhall Lane, Stockwell (Roman Catholic)

Designed by F.W Tasker and built 1902-03. The west porch is by William Thuburn 1991-92.

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St Andrew, Landor Road, Stockwell Green

Built in 1767, extended 1810 but rebuilt in a romanesque style in 1867 by H.E.Coe. The adjacent Hammerton Hall of 1906 was also licensed for worship according to the Southwark Diocese website. Both buildings, together with St Michael Stockwell are part of a consultation on their future (November 2014). It now seems likely (Dec 2014) that both St Andrew and Hammerton Hall, will be demolished in 2015 and the site redeveloped with a new worship space along with housing and community facilities. As of April 2019 the church and hall are still there, but the church is now closed for “Health and Safety” reasons with the tower netted over to catch falling masonry (see upper 4 images).


  stockwell_st_andrew061214_2  stockwell_st_andrew131114_5
 stockwell_st_andrew131114_6  stockwell_st_andrew131114_4
 stockwell_hammerton_hall131114_1  stockwell_hammerton_hall131114_2
 stockwell_st_andrew061214_3  stockwell_st_andrew061214_1
           stockwell_st_andrew061214_30  stockwell_st_andrew061214_13
 stockwell_st_andrew061214_16  stockwell_st_andrew061214_23
 stockwell_st_andrew061214_12  stockwell_st_andrew061214_25
 stockwell_st_andrew061214_11  stockwell_st_andrew061214_27
 stockwell_st_andrew061214_29  stockwell_st_andrew061214_18
 stockwell_st_andrew061214_33  stockwell_st_andrew061214_20