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St Simon and St Jude, Hillside Road, Streatham Hill (Roman Catholic)

Perched on the edge of a steep drop, this suburban church dates from 1906, the architect was Clement Jackson. The west end and internal reordering were carried out in 1990 by Derek Philips.

streatham_hill_st_simon_st_jude070115_ streatham_hill_st_simon_st_jude070115_1
 streatham_hill_st_simon_st_jude070115_3  streatham_hill_st_simon_st_jude070115_4

St Peter, Leigham Court Road, Streatham Hill

Imposingly sited almost at the top of a steep hill. The church is of 1870 by R.W. Drew, with the west end and baptistry by G.H. Fellowes-Prynne.

streatham_hill_st_peter070115_2  streatham_hill_st_peter070115_4
 streatham_hill_st_peter070115_5  streatham_hill_st_peter070115_12
 streatham_hill_st_peter070115_8  streatham_hill_st_peter070115_9

St Margaret the Queen, Barcombe Road, Streatham Hill

Closed as a parish church during 2014. but brought back into use as St Margaret Hub around 2017. Its main use now is as the warehouse for the Norwood and Brixton Foodbank. This occupies all the church apart from the Chancel and Lady Chapel, as of  2023 there is one service a week – an early morning communion on a Tuesday.

 It was built from 1889-1914 and designed by Rowland Plumbe and Harvey. The photo sets show, firstly the church in 2023 and below while closed in January 2015.

January 2015

streatham_hill_st_margaret_the_queen070115_1 streatham_hill_st_margaret_the_queen070115_2
 streatham_hill_st_margaret_the_queen070115_5  streatham_hill_st_margaret_the_queen070115_12
 streatham_hill_st_margaret_the_queen070115_14  streatham_hill_st_margaret_the_queen070115_4
 streatham_hill_st_margaret_the_queen070115_9  streatham_hill_st_margaret_the_queen070115_11
 streatham_hill_st_margaret_the_queen070115_8  streatham_hill_st_margaret_the_queen070115_3

Christ Church, Christchurch Road, Streatham Hill

Well sited on a wiggle in the road, this is a remarkable church by James Wild built in 1840-42. The sanctuary is decorated by Owen Jones, there is glass by Walter Crane, John Hayward, Laurence Lee and J.F. Bentley.

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 streatham_christ_church061114_12  streatham_christchurch180916_92
 streatham_christchurch180916_88  streatham_christchurch180916_15
 streatham_christchurch180916_69  streatham_christchurch180916_51
 streatham_christchurch180916_85  streatham_christchurch180916_94
 streatham_christchurch180916_76  streatham_christchurch180916_70
 streatham_christchurch180916_10  streatham_christchurch180916_20
 streatham_christchurch180916_30  streatham_christchurch180916_31
 streatham_christchurch180916_23  streatham_christchurch180916_26
 streatham_christchurch180916_29  streatham_christchurch180916_24
 streatham_christchurch180916_82  streatham_christchurch180916_81
 streatham_christchurch180916_56  streatham_christchurch180916_79
 streatham_christchurch180916_58  streatham_christchurch180916_78
 streatham_christchurch180916_8  streatham_christchurch180916_47
 streatham_christchurch180916_5  streatham_christchurch180916_7