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St Simon and St Jude, Hillside Road, Streatham Hill (Roman Catholic)

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Perched on the edge of a steep drop, this suburban church dates from 1906, the architect was Clement Jackson. The west end and internal reordering were carried out in 1990 by Derek Philips.

streatham_hill_st_simon_st_jude070115_ streatham_hill_st_simon_st_jude070115_1
 streatham_hill_st_simon_st_jude070115_3  streatham_hill_st_simon_st_jude070115_4

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  1. Tony says:

    Hi, interesting site, I liked your determination to travel by public transport, commendable. I was impressed with your conviction to get the site up and running and in retirement be positive and find interesting outlet. I have refreshed the St. Simon & St.Jude R.C site, i wanted to ask permision to use one or two of your photos for the home page, showing the exterior?. Until weather improves not much luck with a decent shot or photo.
    regardless i will probably include your site on our links page or pass on to our parishioner who runs twitter site for the church.

    keep up the site visits and capture of information

    all the best

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