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All Saints, Franciscan Road, Tooting

At the top of a hill , this is the church for the Totterdown estate. It sits in a spacious area of green and is a large church of 1904-06 by Temple Moore. The chancel has a number of furnishings collected by the first incumbent and disliked by Moore, so they were fitted by Sir Walter Tapper.

tooting_all_saints050117_4 tooting_all_saints201216_10
 tooting_all_saints201216_4  tooting_all_saints201216_2
 tooting_all_saints201216_9  tooting_all_saints050117_1
 tooting_all_saints201216_6  tooting_all_saints201216_7
 tooting_all_saints201216_5  tooting_all_saints201216_3
 tooting_all_saints050117_67  tooting_all_saints050117_60
 tooting_all_saints050117_34  tooting_all_saints050117_12
 tooting_all_saints050117_16  tooting_all_saints050117_14
 tooting_all_saints050117_20  tooting_all_saints050117_24
 tooting_all_saints050117_64  tooting_all_saints050117_30
 tooting_all_saints050117_27  tooting_all_saints050117_52
 tooting_all_saints050117_45  tooting_all_saints050117_62
 tooting_all_saints050117_26  tooting_all_saints050117_7
 tooting_all_saints050117_17  tooting_all_saints050117_66
 tooting_all_saints050117_41  tooting_all_saints050117_58

St Peter, Westminster – Westminster Abbey

Possibly the best known church in Britain. Its £18 admission charge and ban on interior photography mean that it will not feature in detail here. Building of the current nave started in 1246 and by 1272 the chancel and four bays of the nave were complete. The west end was Norman, but the 14th century saw the towers encased. Th late 14th and 15th centuries saw the nave extended west in much the same style as 100 + years earlier. The lady chapel (henry VII’s chapel) was added in 1503-1510. Since then there have been numerous restorations and reconstructions. Nicholas Hawksmoor rebuilt the west towers in 1735-45. During the 19th century work was done by George Gilbert Scott, John Loughborough Pearson, J Oldrid Scott and J.T. Micklethwaite. In the 20th W.R. Lethaby, Walter Tapper, Charles Peers, Stephen Dykes Bower, Peter Foster and Donald Buttress carried out work.

westminster_abbey080514_  westminster_abbey080514_4
 westminster_abbey080514_8  westminster_abbey240514_2
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 westminster_abbey080514_5  westminster_abbey240514_

Annunciation, Old Quebec Street

Just behind Oxford Street’s western end is this large church by Sir Walter Tapper dating from 1912-14

westminster_annunciation101214_16   westminster_annunciation101214_1
 westminster_annunciation101214_11  westminster_annunciation_old_quebec_street090212_4
 westminster_annunciation151112_7  westminster_annunciation101214_10
 westminster_annunciation151112_3  westminster_annunciation101214_2
 westminster_annunciation101214_12  westminster_annunciation101214_4
 westminster_annunciation_old_quebec_street090212_3  westminster_annunciation101214_
 westminster_annunciation101214_13  westminster_annunciation101214_9