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Holy Cross, Sangley Road, Catford (Roman Catholic)

One of many “Ellis” churches in south London, this is by F.W. Tasker and was built in 1903.

St Gertrude, Debnams Road. Bermondsey (Roman Catholic)

In a short dead-end road off Rotherhithe New Road, this is a small church of 1902-1903 by F.W. Tasker. It is very similar to many other Tasker churches paid for by Frances Ellis in the early 20th century.

St Thomas the Apostle, Evelina Road, Nunhead (Roman Catholic)

A small church, attributed to F.W. Tasker, dating from 1905 forms the chancel of a church with halls and offices of 1973-1974 by Wilman Partnership.

St Peter and the Guardian Angels, Paradise Street, Rotherhithe (Roman Catholic)

Now largely surrounded by a parkland, this is an F.W. Tasker church of 1902.


St Matthew, Norwood High Street, West Norwood (Roman Catholic)

Built 1904-05 and attributed to F.W. Tasker. It was extended eastwards in 1937 and the west end was rebuilt 1949-50 after WW2 damage. The architect for this was D. Plaskett Marshall. The interior was re-orientated along the long north side in 1972 and the narthex on the south side was added in 1984, the architect being Derek Philips.

   west_norwood_st_mathew_rc161214_4  west_norwood_st_mathew_rc161214_3
 west_norwood_st_mathew_rc161214_  west_norwood_st_mathew_rc161214_2

St Philip & St James, Lowden Road, Herne Hill (Roman Catholic)

Attributed to F.W. Tasker and dating from 1906.

herne_hill_st_philip_st_james_rc161214_ herne_hill_st_philip_st_james_rc161214_2
 herne_hill_st_philip_st_james_rc161214_4  herne_hill_st_philip_st_james_rc161214_5

St Francis de Sales and St Gertrude, Larkhall Lane, Stockwell (Roman Catholic)

Designed by F.W Tasker and built 1902-03. The west porch is by William Thuburn 1991-92.

stockwell_st_francis_of_sales_and_st_gertrude131114_1  ???????????????????????????????

St Patrick, Green Bank, Wapping (Roman Catholic)

Immediately behind the former anglican church of St John it is a large classical church of 1877-79 designed by F.W. Tasker.

        wapping_st_patrick_rc141113_15 wapping_st_patrick_rc141113_2
 wapping_st_patrick_rc141113_11  wapping_st_patrick_rc141113_6
 wapping_st_patrick_rc141113_1  wapping_st_patrick_rc141113_12
 wapping_st_patrick_rc141113_7  wapping_st_patrick_rc141113_13

St Margaret and All Saints, Barking Road, Canning Town (Roman Catholic)

A prominent street front church featuring a huge five pointed tracery star west window. The church was built 1875-76 by F.W. Tasker and restored after war damage in 1949-51 by T.G. Birchall-Scott.

 canning_town_st_margaret_rc090513_2 canning_town_st_margaret_rc090513_4
 canning_town_st_margaret_rc090513_6 canning_town_st_margaret_rc090513_1

St John the Evangelist, Duncan Terrace (Roman Catholic)

An impressive front with two towers. The church was built 1841-43 by J.J. Scoles. the north tower completed by F.W. Tasker 1877.

islington_st_john_rc_duncan_terrace261012_1 islington_st_john_rc_duncan_terrace261012_
 islington_st_john_evangelist_rc141213_  islington_st_john_evangelist_rc141213_1
 islington_st_john_evangelist_rc141213_3  islington_st_john_evangelist_rc141213_4
 islington_st_john_evangelist_rc141213_2  islington_st_john_evangelist_rc141213_5