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Christ Church, Sumner Road, Croydon

A short way north of the town centre. The original church of 1851-1852 by S.S. Teulon, having closed in 1978 was badly damaged by fire in 1985 leaving the west end of the nave to be incorporated in a new building of 1991 by Maurice Taylor. The old church section is now a hall and the newer section, the worship area.

St Paul (Former), Devonshire Drive, Greenwich (now 7th Day Adventist)

South of Greenwich town centre, this is an incomplete church of 1865-1866 by either S.S. or W.M. Teulon. It was badly damaged in WW2 and rebuilt subsequently. It closed in 1978 and was then used by a Wesleyan group until redundancy in 1984. It was then leased to Calvary Church and a scout troop before being sold in 1991 to the Seventh-day Adventists.

St George, Castle Way, Hanworth

At the edge of Hanworth Park. The north and south nave walls remain from a church of 1812 by James Wyatt but are subsumed in a church of 1865 by S.S. Teulon. Photography is frowned upon here


All Saints, All Saints Road, Benhilton

In a commanding hill-top position as you come north out of Sutton. It is by S.S. Teulon and dates from 1863-66.

benhilton_all_saints240215_1  benhilton_all_saints240215_2
 benhilton_all_saints240215_5  benhilton_all_saints240215_3

Christ Church, Copse Hill, West Wimbledon

Built 1859-60 by S.S. Teulon, with a west bay added in 1881 by Charles Maylard and an 1875 choir vestry added by F.C. Penrose.

west_wimbledon_christ_church130114_  west_wimbledon_christ_church130114_1
 west_wimbledon_christ_church130114_2  west_wimbledon_christ_church130114_5
 west_wimbledon_christ_church130114_6  west_wimbledon_christ_church130114_4

Holy Trinity, Rickmansworth Road, Northwood

Well west of the station and the town centre. This is a church of 1854 by S.S. Teulon, with a north aisle added by the Cutts Brothers in 1894 and a south aisle and west baptistery added in 1927 by W.C. Waymouth.

northwood_holy_trinity130314_  northwood_holy_trinity130314_4

St Silas, Penton Street, Pentonville

Started in 1860 to designs by S.S. Teulon but completed in 1863 by E.P. Loftus Brock, the chancel was added in 1884 by William White. In 2009 it was re-roofed using solar tiles. The reredos and Stations of the Cross are by Michael Coles.

islington_st_silas191213_ islington_st_silas191213_1
 islington_st_silas191213_2  pentonville_st_silas171015_47
 islington_st_silas191213_3                    pentonville_st_silas171015_48
 pentonville_st_silas171015_25  pentonville_st_silas171015_11
 pentonville_st_silas171015_44  pentonville_st_silas171015_45
 pentonville_st_silas171015_29  pentonville_st_silas171015_5
 pentonville_st_silas171015_28  pentonville_st_silas171015_10
 pentonville_st_silas171015_12  pentonville_st_silas171015_18
 pentonville_st_silas171015_20  pentonville_st_silas171015_46
 pentonville_st_silas171015_27  pentonville_st_silas171015_33
 pentonville_st_silas171015_34  pentonville_st_silas171015_35
 pentonville_st_silas171015_36  pentonville_st_silas171015_37

St Mary, Ealing

Ealing parish church but now a good mile south of the modern town centre. It is a church of 1735-40 by J. Horne but reimagined by S.S. Teulon 1866-74 in a byzantine manner. The interior is a tour de force of polychrome brickwork, painted ironwork, an elaborate roof structure and glass designed by Thomas Boddington (the treasurer of Teulon’s restoration) and made by Heaton, Butler & Bayne. The yellowish baptistery windows are by Lavers & Barraud. The interior was restored 2002-2003.

ealing_st_mary250212_7 ealing_st_mary250212_4
 ealing_st_mary250212_1  ealing_st_mary250212_
 ealing_st_mary250212_6             ealing_st_mary220514_64
 ealing_st_mary220514_33  ealing_st_mary220514_61
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St Mark, Silvertown (former)

One of S.S.Teulon’s major buildings dating from 1860-62, standing almost alone normally, but currently partly surrounded by a crossrail construction site. As at St Stephen’s, Rosslyn Hill the church stood disused and vandalized, before being restored as Brick Lane Music Hall between 1984-89 by Julian Harrap.

   silvertown_st_mark_former130513_9 silvertown_st_mark_former130513_5
 silvertown_st_mark_former130513_7 silvertown_st_mark_former130513_4
 silvertown_st_mark_former130513_8 silvertown_st_mark_former130513_2

St Stephen, Rosslyn Hill

Next to the Royal Free Hospital at Hampstead, the masterpiece of S.S. teulon 1869-73. Derelict and vandalised for many years it has now been restored as a community centre.

  hampstead_st_stephen_rosslyn_hill191111_7  st_stephen_rosslyn_hill120411_2
 hampstead_st_stephen_rosslyn_hill191111_1  hampstead_st_stephen_rosslyn_hill191111_2
 hampstead_st_stephen_rosslyn_hill191111_3  hampstead_st_stephen_rosslyn_hill191111_
 hampstead_st_stephen_rosslyn_hill191111_9  st_stephen_rosslyn_hill120411_
 hampstead_st_stephen_rosslyn_hill191111_4  hampstead_st_stephen_rosslyn_hill191111_5
 hampstead_st_stephen_rosslyn_hill191111_6  hampstead_st_stephen_rosslyn_hill191111_8