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St Augustine, Forty Lane, Wembley Park

A small church well north of Wembley town centre. It dates from 1953 and is by W. Wylton Todd and Guy Biscoe, replacing a structurally compromised church of 1926. The tower was added in 1979.


St George RAF Memorial Chapel, Main Road, Biggin Hill

This was built as a chapel for the , now closed, RAF camp. It replaced an earlier chapel that was destroyed by a fire in 1946. This chapel dates from 1951 and was designed by W.Wylton Todd. It is still used for regular Anglican and Roman Catholic sunday services. The glass in the nave is by  Hugh Easton and that in the attached room is by Goddard & Gibbs.

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 biggin_hill_raf_chapel220217_36  biggin_hill_raf_chapel220217_2
 biggin_hill_raf_chapel220217_8  biggin_hill_raf_chapel220217_6
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