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St Mary of Nazareth, The Avenue, West Wickham

North of the current town centre down a suburban street. The original church, now the hall, was by Martin Travers and built in 1934. The current church of 1954 was designed by C.W. Fowler. There is a first floor lady chapel in the transept like structure between the two. The fish is a fossil in the altar step.


The Good Shepherd, Queen Mary Avenue, Carshalton Beeches

A remarkable looking church of 1930 by Martin Travers and T.F.W. Grant.

carshalton_beeches_good_shepherd050314_2 carshalton_beeches_good_shepherd050314_3
 carshalton_beeches_good_shepherd050314_5  carshalton_beeches_good_shepherd050314_25
 carshalton_beeches_good_shepherd050314_24  carshalton_beeches_good_shepherd050314_23
 carshalton_beeches_good_shepherd050314_20  carshalton_beeches_good_shepherd050314_21
 carshalton_beeches_good_shepherd050314_15  carshalton_beeches_good_shepherd050314_7
 carshalton_beeches_good_shepherd050314_22  carshalton_beeches_good_shepherd050314_13
 carshalton_beeches_good_shepherd050314_9  carshalton_beeches_good_shepherd050314_17
 carshalton_beeches_good_shepherd050314_18  carshalton_beeches_good_shepherd050314_14

St John the Baptist, Sheepcote Road, Greenhill, Harrow

Right in harrow town centre, the church was built in 1904 to designs by J.S. Alder, it was extended east in 1925 by Alder & Turrill, with the chancel by Martin Travers added in 1938.

               harrow_st_john220215_25  harrow_st_john220215_24
 harrow_st_john220215_  harrow_st_john220215_5
 harrow_st_john220215_10  harrow_st_john220215_6
 harrow_st_john220215_15  harrow_st_john220215_12
 harrow_st_john220215_2  harrow_st_john220215_9
 harrow_st_john220215_3  harrow_st_john220215_14
 harrow_st_john220215_13  harrow_st_john220215_17
 harrow_st_john220215_7  harrow_st_john220215_16

Holy Redeemer, Churchmore Road/Streatham Vale, Streatham

A church of 1931-32 by Martin Travers and T.F.W. Grant. The church has been out of use since 2007 and worship transferred to the nearby church hall. This dates from 1928 and is by Sir Charles Nicholson. There are plans to refurbish the church.

streatham_holy_redeemer161214_1 streatham_holy_redeemer161214_9
 streatham_holy_redeemer161214_6  streatham_holy_redeemer161214_4
 streatham_holy_redeemer161214_5  streatham_holy_redeemer161214_10

St Dunstan, Cranford

Inside Cranford Park and just in Hillingdon Borough (other Cranford churches are in Hounslow Borough).The tower is 15th century, the nave of 1710. There have been restorations by J.L. Pearson and Martin Travers and one just completed in March 2013, the church is open most Saturdays. It was once next to the a great house but all that now remains are the stables. The rural charm is spoilt by the M4 thundering past a few yards away.

cranford_st_dunstan300314_1 cranford_st_dunstan300314_4
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 cranford_st_dunstan300314_8  cranford_st_dunstan300314_6
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 cranford_st_dunstan050414_20  cranford_st_dunstan050414_33

Emmanuel, Lea Bridge Road, Leyton

Designed by Martin Travers and T.F.W. Grant from 1933-35. On a prominent corner site on the Lea Bridge Road.

leyton_emmanuel180413_4  leyton_emmanuel180413_2
 leyton_emmanuel180413_1 leyton_emmanuel180413_3