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St Matthew, Mount Pleasant Lane, Upper Clapton

Originally the church hall for a 19th century church destroyed by fire in 1976.

clapton_st_matthew281113_2  clapton_st_matthew281113_5
 clapton_st_matthew281113_3  clapton_st_matthew281113_4

Ark of the Covenant (Former) then Church of the Good Shepherd (Former), Rookwood Road, Upper Clapton now Georgian Orthodox Cathedral Church of the Nativity of Our Lord

A church with a fascinating history. It was built, as the Ark of The Covenant for a now defunct sect called the Agapemones, in 1892-95 by Joseph Morris and Sons of Reading. It was used by the Ancient Catholic Church as the Church of the Good Shepherd , before becoming the Georgian Orthodox Cathedral in 2011. The outsize sculptures on the tower are by A.G. Walters. The interior has a complete set of contemporary  glazing designed by Walter Crane and made by J Sylvester Sparrow.

 clapton_good_shepherd281113_1 clapton_good_shepherd281113_20
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 clapton_good_shepherd281113_13  clapton_good_shepherd281113_17