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St Barnabas and St James, Walthamstow

In backstreets south of the town centre, a large red brick church by W.D. Caro 1902-03. The tin tabernacle from 1900 called Stafford Hall is just down the road past Caroe’s contemporary vicarage.

walthamstow__st_barnabas180413_5  walthamstow__st_barnabas180413_1
 walthamstow__st_barnabas180413_  walthamstow__st_barnabas180413_2
 walthamstow__st_barnabas180413_4 walthamstow__st_barnabas180413_3

St Saviour, Markhouse Street, Walthamstow

A prominent ragstone spire in the southern area of Walthamstow. It was designed by Francis T. Dolman 1873-74. During 2018 there is considerable restoration of the roof taking place (see church covered in scaffolding). A fire in 1945 damaged the roof, hence the more modern ceiling inside.


       walthamstow__st_saviour180413_1  walthamstow__st_saviour180413_6
walthamstow__st_saviour180413_5 walthamstow__st_saviour180413_3
 walthamstow__st_saviour180413_2 walthamstow__st_saviour180413_8
 walthamstow__st_saviour180413_7  walthamstow__st_saviour180413_9