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Our Lady of the Rosary and St Patrick, Blackhorse Road, Walthamstow (Roman Catholic)

A typical 20th century Roman Catholic basilica by Benedict Williamson from 1908.

walthamstow_our_lady_of_the_rosary_rc040513_2  walthamstow_our_lady_of_the_rosary_rc040513_5
 walthamstow_our_lady_of_the_rosary_rc040513_1 walthamstow_our_lady_of_the_rosary_rc040513_4

St Michael, Palmerston Road, Walthamstow

A large anglo-catholic church north-west of the town centre. By J.M. Bignall 1884-85. Much of the glass is by Hardman.

 walthamstow_st_michael040513_ walthamstow_st_michael040513_3
 walthamstow_st_michael040513_1  walthamstow_st_michael040513_5

St Luke, Greenleaf Road, Walthamstow

In back streets just north of the town centre and now disused was and up for sale (May 2013) when originally photographed. It is now used by the Ruach City Church, an evangelical organisation. It was built in 1901-02 by Bottle and Olley. The chancel was extended in 1923. The first 4 pictures show it in September 2019, the remainder are from 2013.

      walthamstow_st_luke040513_6 walthamstow_st_luke040513_2
 walthamstow_st_luke040513_5 walthamstow_st_luke040513_7
walthamstow_st_luke040513_3 walthamstow_st_luke040513_
 walthamstow_st_luke040513_8 walthamstow_st_luke040513_4

St John, Chingford Road, Walthamstow

A large, now much internally divided, church by H.P. Burke-Downing by 1924-26. The lower floor is now a series of halls and rooms with a worship area above the nave arcades.

walthamstow_st_john040513_  walthamstow_st_john040513_5
 walthamstow_st_john040513_6 walthamstow_st_john040513_4

St Andrew, Church Road, Higham Hill, Walthamstow

A small church centre shared by Anglicans and Baptists in the north western part of Walthamstow. The current worship area as built in 1988 but can be extended into what is now a hall that was built in the 1970s. It replaced an early 20th century church on an adjacent site and a nearby Baptist chapel. The reading desk is from that chapel, the font from the old church. There is also an immersion font.


Our Lady and St George, Shernhall Street, Walthamstow (Roman Catholic)

Dating from 1995 by Plater, Inkpen, Vale and Downie. A bright and attractive interior.

walthamstow_our_lady_and_st_george_rc180413_14  walthamstow_our_lady_and_st_george_rc180413_
walthamstow_our_lady_and_st_george_rc180413_3 walthamstow_our_lady_and_st_george_rc180413_2
walthamstow_our_lady_and_st_george_rc180413_11  walthamstow_our_lady_and_st_george_rc180413_10
 walthamstow_our_lady_and_st_george_rc180413_16 walthamstow_our_lady_and_st_george_rc180413_1
 walthamstow_our_lady_and_st_george_rc180413_7 walthamstow_our_lady_and_st_george_rc180413_6
 walthamstow_our_lady_and_st_george_rc180413_5  walthamstow_our_lady_and_st_george_rc180413_13
walthamstow_our_lady_and_st_george_rc180413_9 walthamstow_our_lady_and_st_george_rc180413_8

St Mary, Walthamstow

The parish church, in the heart of the Walthamstow conservation area. A medieval church refaced in 1817-18 by Charles Bacon.

walthamstow_st_mary180413_3  walthamstow_st_mary180413_
 walthamstow_st_mary180413_2 walthamstow_st_mary180413_1
      walthamstow_st_mary040513_7  walthamstow_st_mary040513_15
 walthamstow_st_mary040513_4 walthamstow_st_mary040513_12
walthamstow_st_mary040513_2 walthamstow_st_mary040513_
 walthamstow_st_mary040513_13 walthamstow_st_mary040513_5
walthamstow_st_mary040513_1 walthamstow_st_mary040513_10

St Gabriel, Havant Road, Walthamstow

From 1884-84 designed by J.T. Bressey It is north east of the town centre.

walthamstow_st_gabriel180413_2  walthamstow_st_gabriel180413_1

St Peter in the Forest, Woodford New Road, Walthamstow

East of Walthamstow at the southern edge of Epping Forest, semi-rural and in an attractive wild churchyard. It was designed in a Lombardic style by John Shaw junior in 1840. In 1854 changes were made by Charles Ainslie and it was extended westwards in 1887 by J.C. Lewis. World War 2 and a 1975 fire caused damage. The north wall was rebuilt in 1951. During 2019 and 2020 it has been under refurbishment as a church and community resource, the latest pictures show this project in September 2020 a couple of months before planned completion. The western narthex has been demolished as part of this work to expose the previous western front and new rooms created in a mezzanine at the western end as well as at ground floor level at that end.












St Stephen, Copeland Road, Walthamstow

By APEC from 1994 and part of a small housing development south east of Walthamstow town centre.

walthamstow__st_stephen180413_2 walthamstow__st_stephen180413_