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All Saints and St Stephen Former), Surrey Square, Walworth now Church of the Lord (Aldura)

A replacement for a bombed 19th-century church by N.F. Cachemaille-Day dating from 1959. It closed in 1975 and was taken on by the Church of the Lord in 1977.

St John, Larcom Street, Walworth

Hidden away on a small back street this is a church by Henry Jarvis of 1859-1860. The tower was formerly taller with a saddleback top.

English Martyrs, Rodney Road, Walworth (Roman Catholic)

On a corner site and facing down an approach road, this is a church of 1902-1903 by F.W. Tasker. The interior has a run of almost full-size statues of martyrs at the base of each arcade arch. A Lady Chapel is in a glazed off area at the entrance end.

Lady Margaret Church (previously St John’s College Mission), Chatham Street, Walworth now Cherubim & Seraphim church (Mount of Salvation)

A typical Ewan Christian church of 1889. It has been redundant since 1983 and since 1986 it has been leased to the Cherubim & Seraphim church (Mount of Salvation).

St Christopher (Pembroke College Mission), Tatum Street, Walworth

Of all the college missions, only this and the Trinity College mission still fulfil their religious and community functions in the London Borough of Southwark. The church is on the first floor above halls and offices, with housing to one side. The lower floor is by E.S. Prior from 1891-92, while the church dates from 1908 and was designed by Herbert Passmore. The chancel of the church is separated by gates from the nave which is now mainly in use as a hall, with one aisle partitioned off for smaller rooms.

St Peter, Liverpool Grove, Walworth

At the end of a short street off Walworth Road and sitting in a large churchyard. The church was designed by Sir John Soane in 1823-25. Ewan Christian made changes at the east end in 1888 and there were repairs after WW2 damage by Thomas F. Ford in 1953 (65 people sheltering in crypt were killed in a 1940 air raid.