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St John, Waterloo Road

Built 1822-24 and designed by Francis Bedford. The interior is a restoration after war damage by T.F. Ford in 1951.

 waterloo_st_john_the_evangelist131114_1 waterloo_st_john_the_evangelist131114_25
 waterloo_st_john_the_evangelist131114_26  waterloo_st_john_the_evangelist131114_21
 waterloo_st_john_the_evangelist131114_4  waterloo_st_john_the_evangelist131114_22
 waterloo_st_john_the_evangelist131114_16  waterloo_st_john_the_evangelist131114_13
 waterloo_st_john_the_evangelist131114_10  waterloo_st_john_the_evangelist131114_12
 waterloo_st_john_the_evangelist131114_6  waterloo_st_john_the_evangelist131114_5
 waterloo_st_john_the_evangelist131114_7  waterloo_st_john_the_evangelist131114_9

St Patrick, Cornwall Road, Waterloo (Roman Catholic)

Built as part of a school, just behind St John’s Anglican church. It was designed by F.A. Walters and built in 1897. The church is on the upper floor.

waterloo_st_patrick_rc131114_1  waterloo_st_patrick_rc131114_

St Andrew, Short Street, Waterloo

This building of 2006 replaced a 1960s church. Within it is a small worship area.

waterloo_st_andrew131114_  waterloo_st_andrew131114_2