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St Joseph, High Street, Wealdstone (Roman Catholic)

At the north end of the town centre, this is a double aisled and double transept church of 1931 by Adrian G. Scott.

            wealdstone_st_joseph_rc280116_19  wealdstone_st_joseph_rc280116_15
 wealdstone_st_joseph_rc280116_17  wealdstone_st_joseph_rc280116_16
 wealdstone_st_joseph_rc280116_  wealdstone_st_joseph_rc280116_12
 wealdstone_st_joseph_rc280116_13  wealdstone_st_joseph_rc280116_11
 wealdstone_st_joseph_rc280116_9  wealdstone_st_joseph_rc280116_4
 wealdstone_st_joseph_rc280116_1  wealdstone_st_joseph_rc280116_7

Holy Trinity, Headstone Drive, Wealdstone

End on to the main road through Wealdstone. The church is by Roumieu and Aitchison and dates from 1881, the western end finished in 1904 and a western lobby added in 1967. In 1977 the chancel was partitioned off and the church realigned to face south.

wealdstone_holy_trinity101015_1  wealdstone_holy_trinity101015_18
 wealdstone_holy_trinity101015_12  wealdstone_holy_trinity101015_2
 wealdstone_holy_trinity101015_5  wealdstone_holy_trinity101015_7
 wealdstone_holy_trinity101015_8  wealdstone_holy_trinity101015_13