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St Alban, Wood Street, City of London

This is a tower of 1682-87, by Wren, of a church bombed in WW2 and demolished in 1955. The tower was converted into a house 1984-85 by Frederick Burn, Smith and Partners.

city_st_alban_wood_street110114_  city_st_alban_wood_street110114_2

Christ Church, Newgate Street, City of London

Built 1677-87 by Wren but largely destroyed in the second world war. The tower and walls were restored by Lord Mottistone of Seely and Paget in 1960. THe church is now a garden.

city_christ_church_newgate_street110114_ city_christ_church_newgate_street110114_2
 city_christ_church_newgate_street110114_4  city_christ_church_newgate_street110114_6
 city_christ_church_newgate_street110114_5  city_christ_church_newgate_street110114_3

St Andrew by the Wardrobe, City of London

By Wren 1685-94 and restored after war damage by Marshall Sisson 1959-61. The galleries are converted to a library and the aisles to offices and rooms.

st_andrew_by_the_wardrobe_city_of_london190111_65 city_st_andrew_by_the_wardrobe110114_1

St Clement, Eastcheap, City of London

By Wren 1683-87.  The interior was altered by William Butterfield in 1872 and 1889 and again by Ninian Comper in 1932-34. The nave is now used as open plan offices by The Amos Trust, some of the odd angles in the pictures are due to trying to avoid the office furnishings and staff.

st_clement_eatscheap_city_of_london190111_43  city_st_clement_eastcheap110114_3

St Dunstan in the East, City of London

A garden ruin consisting of Wren’s gothic tower of 1695-1701 and a church by David Laing 1817-21.

st_dunstan_in_the_east_city_of_london190111_34  st_dunstan_in_the_east_city_of_london190111_33

St James, Garlickhythe, City of London

By Wren 1676-84, the spire added 1713-17. Little war damage but a falling counterweight from a crane damaged the south transept in recent times.

 city_st_james_garlickhythe140114_14        city_st_james_garlickhythe140114_17
 city_st_james_garlickhythe140114_22 city_st_james_garlickhythe140114_20

St Lawrence Jewry, City of London

By Wren 1671-80, badly damaged in the war and restored by Cecil Brown 1954-57. The civic church for the City, it is much less hemmed in than most city churches as it is on the corner of Guildhall Square.

city_st_lawrence_jewry110114_ city_st_lawrence_jewry110114_3
  city_st_lawrence_jewry110114_1  city_st_lawrence_jewry110114_9
 city_st_lawrence_jewry110114_6  city_st_lawrence_jewry110114_10

St Magnus the Martyr, City of London

By Wren 1671-84 and one of the few Anglo Catholic churches in the city.

st_magnus_the_martyr_city_of_london190111_36 city_st_magnus_the_martyr110114_2
 city_st_magnus_the_martyr110114_3  city_st_magnus_the_martyr110114_8
 city_st_magnus_the_martyr110114_9  city_st_magnus_the_martyr110114_15

St Margaret Pattens, City of London

Wren 1684-87. The spire from 1698-1702. The eastern end of the north aisle and gallery are converted to offices.

st_margaret_pattens_city_of_london190111_31   st_margaret_pattens_city_of_london190111_25
 city_st_margaret_pattens110114_4  city_st_margaret_pattens110114_1

St Martin, Ludgate Hill, City of London

By Wren 1677-86 and unlike most Wren churches suffered little war damage.

st_marrtin_ludgate_hill_city_of_london190111_69  city_st_martin_ludgate_hill110114_5