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Chapel, Royal Naval Hospital, Greenwich

Part of the Queen Mary block of the hospital, it is a major work planned by Christopher Wren but construction was delayed and dates from 1735-1743. The chapel is entered up a high curved staircase from an entrance area that contains most of the monuments in the chapel. The interior was severely fire damaged and rebuilt by James Stuart in 1779-1789 in his Greek style.

All Hallows, Chertsey Road, Twickenham

The tower of All Hallows, Lombard Street in the City of London was erected here in 1938-1940 alongside a new church by Robert Atkinson. Many of the contents of that church of 1686-94 by Christopher Wren were also re used in the new church as were some from St Benet Gracechurch and St Dionis Backchurch. The interior is bedecked with flags of the nations in the 2015 Rugby Union World Cup as the church is only a short way from Twickenham stadium.

                twickenham_all_hallows200915_44 twickenham_all_hallows200915_43
 twickenham_all_hallows200915_38  twickenham_all_hallows200915_1
 twickenham_all_hallows200915_17  twickenham_all_hallows200915_22
 twickenham_all_hallows200915_5  twickenham_all_hallows200915_4
 twickenham_all_hallows200915_15  twickenham_all_hallows200915_25
 twickenham_all_hallows200915_36  twickenham_all_hallows200915_14
 twickenham_all_hallows200915_13  twickenham_all_hallows200915_8
 twickenham_all_hallows200915_6  twickenham_all_hallows200915_

St James, Piccadilly

Right on Piccadilly but for the open air market in front of it. It is by Christopher Wren 1676-84. It was restored after WW2 damage by Sir Albert Richardson in 1947-54.

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 picadilly_st_james080514_4  piccadilly_st_james080514_
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 picadilly_st_james080514_1  picadilly_st_james080514_8

St Olave, Old Jewry, City of London (former)

A Wren church of 1671-79 which was demolished in 1892, apart from the tower which is now part of an office development.

city_st_olave_old_jewry110114_ city_st_olave_old_jewry110114_1

St Mary Somerset, Upper Thames Street, City of London

A Wren church of 1685-94, demolished except for the tower in 1869. It sits next to one of the busiest roads in the city.

 city_st_mary_somerset110114_ city_st_mary_somerset110114_1
 city_st_mary_somerset110114_6  city_st_mary_somerset110114_4

St Mary Abchurch, Abchurch Lane, City of London

A domed church by Wren 1681-86, damaged in WW2 and restored by Godfrey Allen 1945-57.

city_st_mary_abchurch110114_ city_st_mary_abchurch110114_4
 city_st_mary_abchurch110114_3     city_st_mary_abchurchr060214_3
 city_st_mary_abchurch191214_14  city_st_mary_abchurch191214_18
 city_st_mary_abchurch191214_15  city_st_mary_abchurch191214_28

St Bride, Fleet Street, City of London

Thanks to its “wedding cake” steeple one of the best known churches in the City. A Christopher Wren design,It dates from 1691-98, with the steeple added 1701-03. It was burnt out in 1941 and restored 1955-57 by Godfrey Allen. The crypt is also the home of an interesting museum about the city and the earlier history of the church.

city_st_bride_fleet_street110114_ city_st_bride_fleet_street110114_10
 city_st_bride_fleet_street110114_11  city_st_bride_fleet_street110114_5
 city_st_bride_fleet_street110114_3  city_st_bride_fleet_street110114_9

St Augustine, Watling Street, City of London (former)

Bombed out in 1941, Wren’s tower of 1695-96 was reconstructed by Paul Paget of Seely and Paget in 1966 and now forms part of St Paul’s Cathedral choir school. The tower is immediately at the east end of the cathedral.

city_st_augustine_watling_street110114_  city_st_augustine_watling_street110114_2
 city_st_augustine_watling_street110114_1  city_st_augustine_watling_street110114_3

St Anne and St Agnes, Gresham Street

A church of 1677-87 by Wren, though possibly Hooke was also involved. Following war damage it was restored 1963-68 by Braddock and Martin. Having been used by a Lutheran congregation it is now the Gresham Centre, a music based charity.

city_st_anne_st_agnes110114_  city_st_anne_st_agnes110114_1
 city_st_anne_st_agnes110114_4  city_st_anne_st_agnes110114_3

St Andrew, Holborn Viaduct, City of London

A Great Fire ruin rebuilt by Wren in 1684-86. The medieval tower was kept but refaced 1703-04. Seely and Paget restored it in 1961 after gutting in 1941.

city_st_andrew_holborn110114_ city_st_andrew_holborn110114_1
 city_st_andrew_holborn110114_3  city_st_andrew_holborn110114_6
 city_st_andrew_holborn060214_20  city_st_andrew_holborn060214_21