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St Michael, Abbey Wood Road, Abbey Wood

Serving the older part of Abbey Wood, south of the station. It dates from 1908 and is by Blomfield and Son.

William Temple, Eynsham Drive, Abbey Wood

In the centre of the estate north of Abbey Wood Station, it is a church of 1966 by Ralph Covell.

St John, Earl Rise/Robert Street, Plumstead

A very small church and associated halls half way down the hill towards the railway station. A church of 1883 was largely destroyed in WW2 and this building was constructed within the ruins, possibly re-using some of them in 1959. The architect is unknown.

St Mark and St Margaret, Old Mill Road, Plumstead

On the opposite side of the Ravine to the Roman Catholic Church. It replaced two older churches, being built in 1976 to designs by David Bush.

The Ascension, Timbercroft Lane, Plumstead

In suburban streets south of the Common, it dates from 1903 and was designed by A.E. Habershon with the west and east ends completed in 1911.

Church of the Cross, Lensbury Way, Thamesmead

Serving Thamesmead South much nearer to Abbey Wood station than St Paul. It dates from 1975 and is much used for community purposes (including the worship space).

St Paul, Bentham Road, Thamesmead

Some way from Thamesmead’s town centre this building is shared between the Church of England, Roman Catholic, Methodist and URC congregations. It was built in 1976-1978 by Hinton, Brown, Maddon and Langstone.