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Chapel (former), Mount Vernon Hospital, Rickmansworth Road, Northwood

Mount Vernon Hospital was build as a Consumption (TB) hospital in 1902-1904 and designed by Frederick Wheeler, In 1905 this free standing arts and crafts style chapel was added a short way from the main building. After disuse in the 1960s it was converted to the Fowler Scott Cancer Research Library in 1988 by Bill Miller Associates, before becoming the home to the Gray Cancer Research Laboratory’s lecture theatre. They vacated it in 2009 and it has been disused since. The wooden screen with a list of chaplains and the opening details was visible through some damaged windows at the south-east end in May 2021, by Early June 2021 the windows had been repaired and covered with a metal mesh. It is listed Grade2* but its future use is not decided. Descriptions of the interior suggest that, at least, originally it had sumptuous fittings.

Nearby at one end of the main hospital block is a building labelled as the viewing chapel which in style suggests that it was another slightly earlier chapel, one stained glass window is visible from outside. A few images are at the end of this set. It would seem likely that this was a mortuary chapel rather than a worship space.

Christ the King, Balham High Road, Balham (Polish Roman Catholic)

Built as a Congregational Church (latterly United Reformed Church), it closed in 1977 and was sold to the Roman Catholic Church and dedicated in 1978. It had opened in 1883 to designs by Searle and Hayes.

St Luke, Alpha Grove, Millwall, Isle of Dogs

A new church which replaces the church of 1960 that closed in 2012, which itself replaced a war-damaged 19th-century church. It was opened in October 2018 as part of a mixed development with housing. The worship area is in the glazed area at first-floor level. It was designed by Phelan Architects.

St Augustine (Former), Lillie Road, Fulham (Demolished, former Mission Church now a Day Nursery)

There were two buildings on this site. The church by J.E.K. and J.P. Cutts dated from 1899 but was destroyed by WW2 bombing in October 1940. It had superseded a mission church of 1891-1892 which had been retained as a hall and which became the church. It closed in 1997 and was made redundant and is now a day nursery. The church site is now occupied by housing

St Barnabas, High Road, North Finchley, N12 8QJ

This building has replaced St Barnabas, Woodside Park about a kilometre away. The congregation moved to this large converted office block in September 2018, with conversion having begun in November 2017. Inside there are several floors of facilities as well as a worship area off the foyer. Inside the war memorial screen, some brass memorials, the font and the east window glass are preserved from the Holden Road church. The screen now has a painted backdrop of poppies by Joy Girvin and the glass (Goddard & Gibbs) is displayed in a lightbox on a lower floor.

St. Thomas Jacobite Syrian Orthodox Church, Taunton Road, Harold Hill

Originally Harold Hill Baptist Church, it was bought and converted by the JSO and opened in October 2018. Owing to multiple sets of railings around the locked grounds the foundation stone image is a not terribly good montage.

St Francis, Tedder Road, Selsdon

In a large estate on the eastern side of Seldon, this is a hall/church of 1962 by Northover and Northover.

St George, Barrow Lane, Waddon

Designed by W. Curtis Green and constructed in 1932. The interior has folding screens separating the chancel from the nave, which is used as a hall in the week. This explains the piles of chairs stacked at the west end of the chancel in these weekday shots

St Dominic, Violet Lane, Waddon (Roman Catholic)

A suburban church of 1960-61,  designed by Tomei  &  Maxwell.

St James (Former), St James Road, Croydon Common

The nave and tower, typical of their date, date from 1828-1829 and were designed by Robert Wallace, with the chancel added in 1880 by Charles Henman Jnr. It was made redundant in 1980 and was converted into sheltered housing in 1989. The churchyard is a public open space.