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St Andrew, Church Lane, Ham

In a rural backwater just off the main part of Ham Common. It was built in 1830-31 and designed by Edward Lapidge. Raphael Brandon added a south aisle in 1860 and Bodley & Garner added the chancel in 1900-01

ham_st_andrew101116_6 ham_st_andrew101116_3
 ham_st_andrew101116_1  ham_st_andrew101116_4
                          ham_st_andrew131116_  ham_st_andrew131116_42
 ham_st_andrew131116_13  ham_st_andrew131116_2
 ham_st_andrew131116_21  ham_st_andrew131116_16
 ham_st_andrew131116_8  ham_st_andrew131116_9
 ham_st_andrew131116_14  ham_st_andrew131116_4
 ham_st_andrew131116_5  ham_st_andrew131116_1
 ham_st_andrew131116_12  ham_st_andrew131116_11
 ham_st_andrew131116_3  ham_st_andrew131116_19
 ham_st_andrew131116_20  ham_st_andrew131116_33
 ham_st_andrew131116_25  ham_st_andrew131116_28
 ham_st_andrew131116_29  ham_st_andrew131116_27
 ham_st_andrew131116_38  ham_st_andrew131116_32

Holy Trinity, Townshend Road, Richmond

Hidden away below Sheen Road, this is a reordered church of 1870 by Raphael Brandon. The west end has been divided off as offices and meeting rooms but the ceiling is glass in the main lounge area so the upper interior can still be seen. A tower added in 1880 was demolished around 1970.

richmond_holy_trinity201016_23  richmond_holy_trinity201016_
 richmond_holy_trinity201016_21  richmond_holy_trinity201016_1
 richmond_holy_trinity201016_5  richmond_holy_trinity201016_6
 richmond_holy_trinity201016_12  richmond_holy_trinity201016_11
 richmond_holy_trinity201016_10  richmond_holy_trinity201016_19
 richmond_holy_trinity201016_18  richmond_holy_trinity201016_20
 richmond_holy_trinity201016_4  richmond_holy_trinity201016_3
 richmond_holy_trinity201016_2  richmond_holy_trinity201016_7
 richmond_holy_trinity201016_15  richmond_holy_trinity201016_17

All Saints, Market Place, Kingston upon Thames

The large parish church of Kingston upon Thames. The building is largely 15th century but was heavily restored by Raphael Brandon, 1862-66 and John Loughborough Pearson, 1883. The brick tower top was added in 1708 by John Yeomans. During 2014 it has undergone a major restoration by Ptolmey Dean Architects.

kingston_all_saints251014_1 kingston_all_saints251014_60
 kingston_all_saints251014_58  kingston_all_saints251014_63
 kingston_all_saints251014_52  kingston_all_saints251014_42
 kingston_all_saints251014_27  kingston_all_saints251014_8
 kingston_all_saints251014_4  kingston_all_saints251014_5
 kingston_all_saints251014_46  kingston_all_saints251014_41
 kingston_all_saints251014_23  kingston_all_saints251014_24
 kingston_all_saints251014_9  kingston_all_saints251014_29
 kingston_all_saints251014_48  kingston_all_saints251014_32
 kingston_all_saints251014_49  kingston_all_saints251014_54
 kingston_all_saints251014_43  kingston_all_saints251014_39
 kingston_all_saints251014_37  kingston_all_saints251014_6
 kingston_all_saints251014_31  kingston_all_saints251014_28

Christ the King, Gordon Square, Bloomsbury

Built on a Cathedral scale as the greatest Catholic Apostolic Church by Raphael Brandon in 1853. It became the University of London chaplaincy until 1992 and was used only occasionally except for the  small eastern English chapel used by the Anglo-Catholic Forward in Faith group. In 2017 the main body of the church was taken on by an Anglican church plant called Euston Church. The building still belongs to the Catholic Apostolic Church.

holborn_catholic_apostolic_church_gordon_square151211_5  holborn_catholic_apostolic_church_gordon_square151211_
Pictures to the right and below this point are

of the English Chapel which is entered

separately from the church. The three pictures

above show the cloister that connects the two,

although there is no access through due to

locked gates