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Christ the King, Gordon Square, Bloomsbury

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Built on a Cathedral scale as the greatest Catholic Apostolic Church by Raphael Brandon in 1853. It became the University of London chaplaincy until 1992 and was used only occasionally except for the  small eastern English chapel used by the Anglo-Catholic Forward in Faith group. In 2017 the main body of the church was taken on by an Anglican church plant called Euston Church. The building still belongs to the Catholic Apostolic Church.

holborn_catholic_apostolic_church_gordon_square151211_5  holborn_catholic_apostolic_church_gordon_square151211_
Pictures to the right and below this point are

of the English Chapel which is entered

separately from the church. The three pictures

above show the cloister that connects the two,

although there is no access through due to

locked gates


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  1. […] in John Lindsay’s time. A modern view of exterior of the church from Wikipedia is below. See  https://londonchurchbuildings.com/2013/02/06/christ-the-king-gordon-square/ and more images and information on the church at […]

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