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St Jude (former), Dulwich Road, East Brixton

Built in 1868 by E.C. Robins. It was made redundant in 1979, having been disused since 1975. It is now offices of Mark Allen Group, a publishing company.

 east_brixton_st_jude_former161214_ east_brixton_st_jude_former161214_1
 east_brixton_st_jude_former161214_2  east_brixton_st_jude_former161214_6

St Saviour (former), Lambert Road, Brixton now New Testament Church of God

Just off Brixton Hill, a church of 1874-75 by E.C. Robbins. It was made redundant in 1977 and is now used by the new Testament Church of God, a pentecostal church.

 brixton_st_saviour_former051214_  brixton_st_saviour_former051214_1
 brixton_st_saviour_former051214_2  brixton_st_saviour_former051214_8
 brixton_st_saviour_former051214_7  brixton_st_saviour_former051214_4

St John the Evangelist, Angell Town, Brixton

An impressive church of 1852-53 by Benjamin Ferrey. The chancel is divided off as a hall.

brixton_angell_town_st_john_the_evangelist051214_8 brixton_angell_town_st_john_the_evangelist051214_10
 brixton_angell_town_st_john_the_evangelist051214_14  brixton_angell_town_st_john_the_evangelist051214_11

Our Lady of the Rosary, Brixton Road, Brixton (Roman Catholic)

Just north of Brixton town centre. It was built in 1870, designed by Arthur J. Phelps, as Brixton Independent Church. It was damaged in WW2 and reopened as a Catholic church in 1953. The apse paintings date from 2010 by Mauritzia Lees.

 brixton_our_lady_of_the_rosary_rc051214_ brixton_our_lady_of_the_rosary_rc051214_2
 brixton_our_lady_of_the_rosary_rc051214_8  brixton_our_lady_of_the_rosary_rc051214_6
 brixton_our_lady_of_the_rosary_rc051214_7  brixton_our_lady070115_2
 brixton_our_lady070115_  brixton_our_lady_of_the_rosary_rc051214_3
  brixton_our_lady070115_1  brixton_our_lady070115_3
 brixton_our_lady070115_7  brixton_our_lady070115_9
 brixton_our_lady070115_12  brixton_our_lady070115_4
 brixton_our_lady070115_10  brixton_our_lady070115_11

Christ Church, Brixton Road, Brixton

Standing out at the northern end of Brixton Road, this is a byzantine style church of 1902 by Beresford Pite. The western end is divided off with the worship area under the dome and in the chancel

brixton_christchurch051214_1  brixton_christ_church291114_3
 brixton_christ_church291114_4  brixton_christ_church291114_6
 brixton_christ_church291114_7  brixton_christ_church291114_5
  brixton_christchurch051214_3  brixton_christchurch051214_41
 brixton_christchurch051214_18  brixton_christchurch051214_40
 brixton_christchurch051214_39  brixton_christchurch051214_37
 brixton_christchurch051214_32  brixton_christchurch051214_29
 brixton_christchurch051214_9  brixton_christchurch051214_5
 brixton_christchurch051214_30  brixton_christchurch051214_21
 brixton_christchurch051214_23  brixton_christchurch051214_16
 brixton_christchurch051214_8  brixton_christchurch051214_13

Corpus Christi, Trent Rd/Brixton Hill, Brixton, SW2 5BJ (Roman Catholic)

An incomplete church on a grand scale designed by John Francis Bentley. Only the chancel, chapels and transepts were finished between 1886 and 1904. A small entrance area and hall were added 1983-84. The high altar, reredos and some of the glass are Bentley designs.

brixton_corpus_christi_rc061114_1 brixton_corpus_christi_rc061114_2
 ???????????????????????????????  brixton_corpus_christi_rc061114_26
 ???????????????????????????????  brixton_corpus_christi_rc061114_16
 brixton_corpus_christi_rc061114_11  brixton_corpus_christi_rc061114_17
 brixton_corpus_christi_rc061114_10  brixton_corpus_christi_rc061114_6
 brixton_corpus_christi_rc061114_8  brixton_corpus_christi_rc061114_20
 brixton_corpus_christi_rc061114_12  brixton_corpus_christi_rc061114_21

St Matthew, Brixton

In a large churchyard at the apex of Brixton Hill and Efra Road. Designed in 1822 by C.F. Porden. The basement is used as commercial premises.

    ???????????????????????????????  brixton_st_matthew061114_1
 ???????????????????????????????  brixton_st_matthew061114_6

St Paul, Santley Street, Brixton (former) now Seventh Day Adventist

Swapped by the Church of England with the original Seventh Day Adventist church in Ferndale Road in 1981. It was designed by W.G. Habershon and E. Fawckner and built in 1881. A planned tower was never built.

brixton_seventh_day_adventist061114_ ???????????????????????????????
 ???????????????????????????????  ???????????????????????????????

St Paul, Ferndale Road, Brixton

Built in 1958 (designed by John Soper) as a Seventh Day Adventist Church but swapped with them for the original St Paul’s in Santley Street in 1981.

brixton_st_paul061114_  brixton_st_paul061114_1
 ???????????????????????????????  brixton_st_paul061114_4