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Christ Church, Brixton Road, Brixton

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Standing out at the northern end of Brixton Road, this is a byzantine style church of 1902 by Beresford Pite. The western end is divided off with the worship area under the dome and in the chancel

brixton_christchurch051214_1  brixton_christ_church291114_3
 brixton_christ_church291114_4  brixton_christ_church291114_6
 brixton_christ_church291114_7  brixton_christ_church291114_5
  brixton_christchurch051214_3  brixton_christchurch051214_41
 brixton_christchurch051214_18  brixton_christchurch051214_40
 brixton_christchurch051214_39  brixton_christchurch051214_37
 brixton_christchurch051214_32  brixton_christchurch051214_29
 brixton_christchurch051214_9  brixton_christchurch051214_5
 brixton_christchurch051214_30  brixton_christchurch051214_21
 brixton_christchurch051214_23  brixton_christchurch051214_16
 brixton_christchurch051214_8  brixton_christchurch051214_13

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