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Our Lady of Grace and St Theresa of Avila, Chingford (Roman Catholic)

Opposite St Peter and St Paul the Anglican church. The nave dates from 1930-31, transepts and sanctuary from 1939 and the tower from 1956. It was designed by G.W. Martyn.


St Peter and St Paul, Chingford

A large church at one end of the modern Chingford town centre. The nave is by Lewis Vulliamy and dates from 1844. The east end was added in 1903 by Sir Arthur Blomfield & Sons, with a south chapel of 1936 by N.F. Cachemaile-Day.


St Anne, Larkshall Road, Chingford

Between Chingford and Highams Park and designed by Tooley & Foster in 1953. A glass porch allows views in, even though the church is locked.

chingford_st_anne120413_6  chingford_st_anne120413_3
 chingford_st_anne120413_ chingford_st_anne120413_1
 chingford_st_anne120413_2 chingford_st_anne120413_7

St Edmund, Larkswood Road, Chingford Mount

Designed by N.F. Cachemaile-Day and built 1938-39.

  chingford_mount_st_edmund120413_5 chingford_mount_st_edmund120413_3
 chingford_mount_st_edmund120413_2 chingford_mount_st_edmund120413_
 chingford_mount_st_edmund120413_1  chingford_mount_st_edmund120413_6

Christ the King, Chingford Rd, Walthamstow E4 8SP (Roman Catholic)

By a fearsome road junction near the old Walthamstow Greyhound Stadium. It was designed in 1996 by Scott Tallon Walker.

   chingford_christ_the_king_rc20413_5 chingford_christ_the_king_rc20413_1
chingford_christ_the_king_rc20413_4 chingford_christ_the_king_rc20413_
 chingford_christ_the_king_rc20413_3  chingford_christ_the_king_rc20413_2

All Saints, Chingford

Usually known as Chingford old church. It lies some way from the modern Chingford town centre near the station. It is a medieval building restored after long neglect in 1929-30 by C.C. Winmill.

 chingford_all_saints120413_4  chingford_all_saints120413_1
chingford_all_saints120413_3 chingford_all_saints120413_
chingford_all_saints120413_2 chingford_all_saints120413_5
  chingford_all_saints040513_1 chingford_all_saints040513_4
chingford_all_saints040513_9 chingford_all_saints040513_7
chingford_all_saints040513_5 chingford_all_saints040513_6
chingford_all_saints040513_10 chingford_all_saints040513_16
chingford_all_saints040513_3 chingford_all_saints040513_11
chingford_all_saints040513_12 chingford_all_saints040513_13
 chingford_all_saints040513_14  chingford_all_saints040513_15
chingford_all_saints040513_ chingford_all_saints040513_2

St Francis (former), Hawkswood Close, Chingford

A hall/church on the edge of Epping Forest dating from 1951. No longer used as a church and used only as a hall.

chingford_former_st_francis120413_1  chingford_former_st_francis120413_2