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St Barnabas (former), Kentish Town Road, Kentish Town (now Cathedral of St Andrew, Greek Orthodox)

Built 1884-85 by Ewan Christian. It becake a Greek Orthodox church in 1957 and a Cathedral in 1970. In contrast to the plain exterior the interior walls and ceilings are completely decorated with colourful and impressive paintings of Biblical scenes. Although I was able to take a set of interior photographs the priest present requested that they are not published.


Holy Trinity, Lyonsdown Road, New Barnet

High above the station area of New Barnet, this is a small church of 1865 by Ewan Christian


St Peter & St Paul, Church Approach, Cudham

High up on the edge of a scattered village in the south of Bromley borough. It has a Norman nave and a 13th century chancel, 14th century north aisle and a south chancel chapel. It was restored in 1846 and 1891-92, the latter by Ewan Christian.

  cudham_st_peter_st_paul030217_7  cudham_st_peter_st_paul030217_2
 cudham_st_peter_st_paul030217_8  cudham_st_peter_st_paul030217_5
 cudham_st_peter_st_paul030217_9  cudham_st_peter_st_paul030217_6
 cudham_st_peter_st_paul030217_1  cudham_st_peter_st_paul030217_4

St Martin, High Street, Ruislip

The medieval parish church of Ruislip in the town centre. At its heart is a 13th century building, with a 15th century tower and a south aisle, chapel and chancel rebuilt or added in the 15th century. Ewan Christian restored the chancel in 1869 and Gilbert Scott the nave in 1886. There is much 19th century glass, medieval wall paintings and big collection of hatchments.

ruislip_st_martin130314_1  ruislip_st_martin130314_42
 ruislip_st_martin130314_41.client.1394829215.conflict  ruislip_st_martin130314_3
 ruislip_st_martin130314_6  ruislip_st_martin130314_7
 ruislip_st_martin130314_9.client.1394829215.conflict  ruislip_st_martin130314_39
 ruislip_st_martin130314_36  ruislip_st_martin130314_24
 ruislip_st_martin130314_35  ruislip_st_martin130314_19.client.1394829215.conflict
 ruislip_st_martin130314_33.client.1394829215.conflict  ruislip_st_martin130314_26.client.1394829215.conflict

St John the Baptist, Robin Hood Lane, Kingston Vale

In a wooded churchyard just off Kingston Vale, at the northern tip of London Borough of Kingston. The church is by Ewan Christian and dates from 1861, with the north aisle added in 1874.

kingston_vale_st_john_the_baptist200214_5 kingston_vale_st_john_the_baptist200214_7
 kingston_vale_st_john_the_baptist200214_8  kingston_vale_st_john_the_baptist200214_9
 kingston_vale_st_john_the_baptist200214_42  kingston_vale_st_john_the_baptist200214_26
 kingston_vale_st_john_the_baptist200214_14  kingston_vale_st_john_the_baptist200214_15
 kingston_vale_st_john_the_baptist200214_25  kingston_vale_st_john_the_baptist200214_29
 kingston_vale_st_john_the_baptist200214_27  kingston_vale_st_john_the_baptist200214_32
 kingston_vale_st_john_the_baptist200214_38  kingston_vale_st_john_the_baptist200214_41

Holy Trinity, Lamorbey

Near Sidcup station. It was designed by Ewan Christian and built 1879, restored in 1949 after war damage.

  lamborbey_holy_trinity140114_3  lamborbey_holy_trinity140114_2
 lamborbey_holy_trinity140114_4  lamborbey_holy_trinity140114_1

St Olave, Hart Street, City of London

A small church of the 13th and 15th century. Restored at various times by G.G. Scott (1863), A Blomfield (1871) and Ewan Christian (1891-92). Following war damage it was restored 1951-54 by E.B. Glanfield.

city_st_olave_hart_street110114_ city_st_olave_hart_street110114_1