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Christ Church, Church Rise, Forest Hill

A large hilltop church by Ewan Christian and dating from 1852-1862. All but the chancel is now converted to housing. The chancel is used for a Montessori school and some weekday evening services.

Lady Margaret Church (previously St John’s College Mission), Chatham Street, Walworth now Cherubim & Seraphim church (Mount of Salvation)

A typical Ewan Christian church of 1889. It has been redundant since 1983 and since 1986 it has been leased to the Cherubim & Seraphim church (Mount of Salvation).

St Antony, Nunhead Lane, Nunhead now The Lighthouse Cathedral

Built as St Antholin by Ewan Christian in 1878. It was badly damaged in WW2 and rebuilt with a shortened nave and new west end by Laurence King in 1957-1958 at which point it became St Antony. It was made redundant in 2001 and sold to a pentecostal church and renamed The Lighthouse Cathedral.


St Peter, Liverpool Grove, Walworth

At the end of a short street off Walworth Road and sitting in a large churchyard. The church was designed by Sir John Soane in 1823-25. Ewan Christian made changes at the east end in 1888 and there were repairs after WW2 damage by Thomas F. Ford in 1953 (65 people sheltering in crypt were killed in a 1940 air raid.


St Dionis, Parsons Green

Facing the east side of the Green this is a church of 1884-86 Ewan Christian. It contains the font and pulpit from the lost city church of St Dionis Backchurch. The Font cover, screen, rood, former reredos and several painted memorials are by Martin Travers. The parish hall over the road is a former mission church of 1876 by A. Billing.


Christ Church, Hampstead Square, Hampstead

Built 1851-52 by S. W. Daukes. Ewan Christian added an outer north aisle in 1881.


St Barnabas (former), Kentish Town Road, Kentish Town (now Cathedral of St Andrew, Greek Orthodox)

Built 1884-85 by Ewan Christian. It became a Greek Orthodox church in 1957 and a Cathedral in 1970. In contrast to the plain exterior the interior walls and ceilings are completely decorated with colourful and impressive paintings of Biblical scenes. Although I was able to take a set of interior photographs the priest present requested that they are not published.


Holy Trinity, Lyonsdown Road, New Barnet

High above the station area of New Barnet, this is a small church of 1865 by Ewan Christian


St Peter & St Paul, Church Approach, Cudham

High up on the edge of a scattered village in the south of Bromley borough. It has a Norman nave and a 13th century chancel, 14th century north aisle and a south chancel chapel. It was restored in 1846 and 1891-92, the latter by Ewan Christian.

  cudham_st_peter_st_paul030217_7  cudham_st_peter_st_paul030217_2
 cudham_st_peter_st_paul030217_8  cudham_st_peter_st_paul030217_5
 cudham_st_peter_st_paul030217_9  cudham_st_peter_st_paul030217_6
 cudham_st_peter_st_paul030217_1  cudham_st_peter_st_paul030217_4

St Martin, High Street, Ruislip

The medieval parish church of Ruislip in the town centre. At its heart is a 13th century building, with a 15th century tower and a south aisle, chapel and chancel rebuilt or added in the 15th century. Ewan Christian restored the chancel in 1869 and Gilbert Scott the nave in 1886. There is much 19th century glass, medieval wall paintings and big collection of hatchments.

ruislip_st_martin130314_1  ruislip_st_martin130314_42
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