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The Archdiocesan Chapel of the Annunciation of the Mother of God (Greek Orthodox), 5, Craven Hill, Paddington W2 3ENT

This chapel is attached to the headquarters of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Thyateira and Great Britain a short way west of Paddington Station.

Kings College Chapel, The Strand, Westminster

A college of the University of London. The chapel is entered from within the college buildings. The original building was by Robert Smirke and built in 1829-1831, however, it was drastically reconstructed by G.G. Scott in 1861-1864 with further decoration throughout the rest of the 19th-century. A restoration of 2000 by Inskip & Jenkins reversed mid 20th-century decorative changes and returned it to its 19th-century appearance. The glass was added at the 2000 restoration and is by Joseph A Nuttgens.

French Protestant Church, Soho Square, central London

In one corner of Soho Square, the frontage gives no idea of the round-arched terracotta church behind. It was designed by Sir Aston Webb and built in 1891-93


Swedish Church, Harcourt Road, St Marylebone

Forming part of the street front, this is a building of 1910 by Axel Haig. The church is up a flight of steps on the first floor. The font, pulpit and reredos came from a previous 18th century building in Wapping.


St Luke, Fernhead Road/Kilburn Lane, West Kilburn

Near Queens Park station, this is a church of 1959 by Michael Farey. The clerestory features a series of windows by Francis Spear.


St David Welsh Church, St Mary’s Terrace, Paddington (former)

A Welsh language Anglican church very close to St Mary Paddington Green. It was built in 1896 by C. Evans Vaughan. It has been shared with a French school for some time and was recently declared redundant. It is approached through a gateway at the side of housing.

paddington_st_david260216_  paddington_st_david260216_5
 paddington_st_david260216_3  paddington_st_david260216_4
 paddington_st_david260216_2  paddington_st_david260216_1

Christ Church, Lancaster Gate, Bayswater (Former)

All that remains is the tower and spire joined to a development of 1983. The church was by F. & H. Francis and dates from 1854-55.

bayswater160216_ bayswater160216_1

Fitzrovia Chapel (ex Middlesex Hospital Chapel), Pearson Square off Mortimer Street

Re opened in September 2015 as part of the redevelopment of the old Middlesex Hospital site a short way north of Oxford Street. The chapel was designed by JL.Pearson in 1890-91 and completed by F.L. Pearson. The marble decoration was added from 1891 until the 1930s.

             pearson_chapel020316_82  pearson_chapel020316_89
 pearson_chapel020316_86  pearson_chapel020316_87
 fitzrovia_chapel190915_  fitzrovia_chapel190915_28
 fitzrovia_chapel190915_20  fitzrovia_chapel190915_24
 fitzrovia_chapel190915_23  fitzrovia_chapel190915_18
 pearson_chapel020316_70  fitzrovia_chapel190915_14
 fitzrovia_chapel190915_11  fitzrovia_chapel190915_10
 fitzrovia_chapel190915_5  fitzrovia_chapel190915_4
 fitzrovia_chapel190915_6  fitzrovia_chapel190915_1
        pearson_chapel020316_76  pearson_chapel020316_8
 pearson_chapel020316_9  pearson_chapel020316_79
 pearson_chapel020316_77  pearson_chapel020316_4
 pearson_chapel020316_73  pearson_chapel020316_43

St Gabriel, Warwick Square, Pimlico

Built 1851-53 and designed by Thomas Cundy II. The spire was repaired by J.P. St Aubyn 1887-88 and Arthur Baker added outer aisles in 1895-97. The high altar is by John Francis Bentley 1890 and there are many other furnishings by Powells from the late 1890s.

 pimlico_st_gabriel020515_2 pimlico_st_gabriel020515_9
 pimlico_st_gabriel020515_11  pimlico_st_gabriel020515_14
 pimlico_st_gabriel020515_19  pimlico_st_gabriel020515_16
 pimlico_st_gabriel020515_27  pimlico_st_gabriel020515_33
 pimlico_st_gabriel020515_37  pimlico_st_gabriel020515_31
 pimlico_st_gabriel020515_38  pimlico_st_gabriel020515_30
 pimlico_st_gabriel020515_28  pimlico_st_gabriel020515_25
 pimlico_st_gabriel020515_22  pimlico_st_gabriel020515_24
 pimlico_st_gabriel020515_39  pimlico_st_gabriel020515_42
 pimlico_st_gabriel020515_35  pimlico_st_gabriel020515_17

Holy Apostles, Winchester Street , Pimlico (Roman Catholic)

Side on to the street, this is a church of 1956-57 by Hadfield, Cawkwell & Davidson, replacing a nearby building destroyed in the war.

pimlico_holy_apostles_rc020515_1 pimlico_holy_apostles_rc020515_3
  pimlico_holy_apostles_rc020515_7  pimlico_holy_apostles_rc020515_9
 pimlico_holy_apostles_rc020515_24  pimlico_holy_apostles_rc020515_18
 pimlico_holy_apostles_rc020515_35  pimlico_holy_apostles_rc020515_26
 pimlico_holy_apostles_rc020515_32  pimlico_holy_apostles_rc020515_28
 pimlico_holy_apostles_rc020515_13  pimlico_holy_apostles_rc020515_20
 pimlico_holy_apostles_rc020515_36  pimlico_holy_apostles_rc020515_23