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William Temple, Eynsham Drive, Abbey Wood

In the centre of the estate north of Abbey Wood Station, it is a church of 1966 by Ralph Covell.

St Richard (Former), Sundorne Road, Charlton now St Richard’s Church Centre

There was a mission church on the site before this building, principally a church hall, was constructed in 1958 and designed by Ralph Covell. There was a small basement chapel that is now disused and the main hall has been used for services but the building is now only used as a hall.

St Francis (Former), Sibthorpe Road, Eltham (now Horn Park Community Centre)

Open in 1953 and designed by Ralph Covell. It was used as a church until 1962. In 1981 it was leased to the Community Association until 2006 after which it was occasionally used for services, but it now purely a Community Centre.

St Alban, William Barefoot Drive, Mottingham

Serving the Coldharbour area. The church dates from 1953-1956 and is by Ralph Covell.

St Laurence, Bromley Road, Catford

Catford town centre’s church, it replaced a nearby 19th-century church that was demolished. This building is by Ralph Covell of Covell Mathews and Partners in 1967-1968. There is an octagonal church with an adjoining octagonal Lady Chapel topped by an open concrete spire.

St Mathew, Lilford Road, Loughborough Junction

Replacing a WW2 damaged church, it was built by Ralph Covell in 1959

St Katharine, Eugenia Road, Bermondsey

The church replaced a war-damaged church of 1894 and now serves the Silwood Estate. It was designed by Covell Matthews and Partners in 1960.

St Richard, Ashburnham Road, Ham

The church was built in 1964-66 to designs by Ralph Covell. It forms a piece with a primary school, opposite the Riverside estate’s shopping parade.

ham_st_richard021116_11  ham_st_richard021116_8
 ham_st_richard021116_7  ham_st_richard021116_1
 ham_st_richard021116_9               ham_st_richard301116_17
 ham_st_richard301116_27  ham_st_richard301116_26
 ham_st_richard301116_3  ham_st_richard301116_4
 ham_st_richard301116_2  ham_st_richard301116_8
 ham_st_richard301116_10  ham_st_richard301116_28
 ham_st_richard301116_18  ham_st_richard301116_20
 ham_st_richard301116_13  ham_st_richard301116_12
 ham_st_richard301116_21  ham_st_richard301116_23

Holy Cross, Douglas Avenue, Motspur Park

In the heart of suburbia. The church of 1949 by Ralph Covell replaced a bombed church of 1914.

motspur_park_holy_cross130114_2  motspur_park_holy_cross130114_3
 motspur_park_holy_cross130114_4  motspur_park_holy_cross130114_5

St Agnes, St Agnes Place, Kennington

On the eastern side of Kennington Park. This church replaced G.G. Scott junior’s masterpiece that was damaged in WW2 and controversially not restored.  It is by Ralph Covell and dates from 1956. Some fittings such as the reredos and screen (now at the west end) come from the previous church. The final group of pictures show the lower level Lady Chapel.

 kennington_st_agnes061214_2  kennington_st_agnes061214_4