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St Barnabas, Shacklewell Row, Dalston

One of Charles Reilly’s few buildings – this church dates from 1909-11. The screen was added in 1935 to designs by Tyson Smith. It is part of an east end mission created by Merchant Taylor’s School and lies hidden behind the school house. Both have been brought back into use by an evangelical plant who have restored the school, the church is little changed.

 shacklewell_st_barnabas281113_  shacklewell_st_barnabas281113_1
shacklewell_st_barnabas281113_2 shacklewell_st_barnabas281113_3
 dalston_st_barnabas200914_19  dalston_st_barnabas200914_23
 dalston_st_barnabas200914_16 dalston_st_barnabas200914_5
 dalston_st_barnabas200914_1  dalston_st_barnabas200914_10
 dalston_st_barnabas200914_6  dalston_st_barnabas200914_13
 dalston_st_barnabas200914_7  dalston_st_barnabas200914_8

Holy Trinity, Beechwood Road, Dalston

A large bulk of a church south of the town centre.The scene of the annual clowns church service. It is by Ewan Christian and dates from 1878-79. Much more individual than most of his designs.

   dalston_holy_trinity211113_3 dalston_holy_trinity211113_2
 dalston_holy_trinity211113_6  dalston_holy_trinity211113_5

Our Lady and St Joseph, Balls Pond Road, Dalston (Roman Catholic)

By W.C. Mangan and built 1962-64 and set back from the road not far from Kingsland Road in central Dalston.

dalston_our_lady_saint_joseph_rc211113_1         dalston_our_lady_saint_joseph_rc211113_12
 dalston_our_lady_saint_joseph_rc211113_14  dalston_our_lady_saint_joseph_rc211113_5
 dalston_our_lady_saint_joseph_rc211113_9  dalston_our_lady_saint_joseph_rc211113_10
 dalston_our_lady_saint_joseph_rc211113_6  dalston_our_lady_saint_joseph_rc211113_11

St Mark, Dalston

A huge low church building by Chester Cheston (1862-66) not far from Dalston Kingsland station. The interior is little altered and is  a stunning example of the more evangelical end of Victorian church design. The tower, completed by E.L.Blackburne in 1877-80, uniquely features an outdoor barometer. At the crossing are two stained glass angel windows in the roof.

dalston_st_mark030315_79 dalston_st_mark030315_82
 dalston_st_mark221112_9  dalston_st_mark111212_20
                                       dalston_st_mark030315_86  dalston_st_mark030315_85
 dalston_st_mark030315_12  dalston_st_mark030315_8
 dalston_st_mark030315_61  dalston_st_mark030315_4
 dalston_st_mark030315_58  dalston_st_mark030315_73
 dalston_st_mark030315_76  dalston_st_mark030315_74
 dalston_st_mark030315_75  dalston_st_mark030315_56
 dalston_st_mark030315_66  dalston_st_mark030315_22
 dalston_st_mark030315_55  dalston_st_mark030315_47
 dalston_st_mark030315_54  dalston_st_mark030315_72
 dalston_st_mark030315_13  dalston_st_mark030315_9
 dalston_st_mark030315_15  dalston_st_mark030315_10
 dalston_st_mark030315_11  dalston_st_mark030315_51
 dalston_st_mark030315_42  dalston_st_mark030315_70
 dalston_st_mark030315_25  dalston_st_mark030315_40
 dalston_st_mark030315_28  dalston_st_mark030315_3
 dalston_st_mark030315_16  dalston_st_mark030315_30
 dalston_st_mark030315_20  dalston_st_mark030315_1