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All Saints, Herbert Road/Ripon Road, Plumstead

A replacement for a WW2 damaged church. It was built in 1956 by Thomas F. Ford.

All Saints, Bercta Road, New Eltham

In a cul de sac near the station. The church is by  P. Dollar dating from 1898 with a chancel added in 1930 by Thomas F Ford and the west end completed in 1937.

The Good Shepherd, Handen Road/Wantage Road, Lee

A church of 1956-1957 by Thomas F. Ford. It is a replacement for a church of 1880 by Ernest Newton. The west end (which is the only part of the interior I have so far accessed) was converted into a hall in 1990.

St Nicholas, Deptford Green, Deptford

A medieval tower of around 1500 is the oldest part. The church was built in 1697 by Charles Stanton but was badly damaged in WW2. It was rebuilt in 1958 by Thomas F. Ford.

St Crispin (Former), Southwark Park Road, Bermondsey now a day nursery

Replacing a war-damaged church this church was built in 1958-59 by Thomas F Ford but made redundant in 1999 and is now used as a nursery.

Christ Church, Old Kent Road, Camberwell

The east end faces the road. The church dates from 1867-68 and is by the “Rogue” architect Enoch Bassett Keeling. The spire has been lost, replaced by a simple tower top. War damage was repaired by Thomas F. Ford.

St Peter, Liverpool Grove, Walworth

At the end of a short street off Walworth Road and sitting in a large churchyard. The church was designed by Sir John Soane in 1823-25. Ewan Christian made changes at the east end in 1888 and there were repairs after WW2 damage by Thomas F. Ford in 1953 (65 people sheltering in crypt were killed in a 1940 air raid.


Holy Trinity, Rotherhithe Street, Rotherhithe

At the eastern end of Rotherhithe near the City Farm. It is a replacement for a war-damaged early 19th-century building. It dates from 1960 and is by Thomas F. Ford. The east end features a mural of the risen Christ by Hans Feibusch.  My visit in mid-November coincided with remedial work on some of the concrete pillars so part of the church was screened off, the organ encased and the Lady Chapel used as a furniture store, Views from May2019 show the building in its true state.

St George, Borough High Street, Southwark

This church, prominently sited at a road junction but overshadowed by The Shard, is by John Price and dates from 1734-36, when it replaced a medieval building. The huge ceiling decoration is by Basil Champneys and dates from 1897. It was restored by T.F. Ford after WW2 damage.


Christ Church, Battersea Park Road, Battersea

At the western end of the road. The church is by T.F. Ford and dates from 1957 replacing a war-damaged 19th-century church. Some fittings by Martin Travers were brought from the sold church of St Stephen nearby. Like several other Ford churches, it contains murals by Hans Feibusch.