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Holy Trinity, Rotherhithe Street, Rotherhithe

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At the eastern end of Rotherhithe near the City Farm. It is a replacement for a war-damaged early 19th-century building. It dates from 1960 and is by Thomas F. Ford. The east end features a mural of the risen Christ by Hans Feibusch.  My visit in mid-November coincided with remedial work on some of the concrete pillars so part of the church was screened off, the organ encased and the Lady Chapel used as a furniture store, Views from May2019 show the building in its true state.


  1. Edward Aldred says:

    Great pictures of our church. Thank you.

    The church is actually on Rotherhithe Street. Bryan Road is the side street. Bryant Street may have come into your mind from Bryant’s Court, a local 19th century tenement that vanished in the 1930s slum clearances. (Part of the problem with the address is that the Post Office force us to use the post code that relates to the vicarage.)

    Such a shame that the church was not looking its best when you called in. If you are able to return you might take a picture of the adjacent National Schools building which dates from 1836. Services were held there for 20 years after the old church building was destroyed in 1940. It is now one of the oldest buildings in the area.

    All the best for your photographic project.
    Ed Aldred

  2. zoothorn says:


    Thanks for your comments, I have corrected the address.

    I hope to re-visit in the new year to see the church as it should look and to photograph the school building too.




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