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Ascension, The Avenue, Preston Road

One of the last churches of J. Harold Gibbons being built in 1957. The interior features a Hans Feibusch painting behind the altar. The wooden “serving hatch” doors at the west end can be opened to allow the narthex to be used if there is a high attendance at a service. The hall to one side served as the church from 1937.


St Francis of Assisi, Fleetwood Road, Dollis Hill (now Roman Catholic)

In the middle of suburban streets between Willesden Green and Gladstone Park, it was designed as St Francis C of E church by J. Harold Gibbons in 1933, but was made redundant in 1991 and is now used as a Polish Roman Catholic church.


St Peter and St Paul, Church Road, Bromley

At the north end of the town centre and like St Mark at the south end, destroyed but for its tower by 1941 bombing. The tower is medieval and the current church is by J. Harold Gibbons and dates from 1948-57. The apsidal children’s chapel is attached to the east of the tower and the main body of the church is to its south.

bromley_st_peter_st_paul200217_29  bromley_christ_church200217_
 bromley_christ_church200217_1  bromley_st_peter_st_paul200217_22
 bromley_st_peter_st_paul200217_21  bromley_st_peter_st_paul200217_26
 bromley_st_peter_st_paul200217_24  bromley_st_peter_st_paul200217_30
                      bromley_st_peter_st_paul040317_  bromley_st_peter_st_paul040317_2
 bromley_st_peter_st_paul040317_7  bromley_st_peter_st_paul040317_16
 bromley_st_peter_st_paul040317_26  bromley_st_peter_st_paul040317_25
 bromley_st_peter_st_paul040317_17  bromley_st_peter_st_paul040317_18
 bromley_st_peter_st_paul040317_8  bromley_st_peter_st_paul040317_15
 bromley_st_peter_st_paul040317_22  bromley_st_peter_st_paul040317_21
 bromley_st_peter_st_paul040317_32  bromley_st_peter_st_paul040317_6
 bromley_st_peter_st_paul040317_5  bromley_st_peter_st_paul040317_33
 bromley_st_peter_st_paul040317_28  bromley_st_peter_st_paul040317_14
 bromley_st_peter_st_paul040317_12  bromley_st_peter_st_paul040317_34
 bromley_st_peter_st_paul200217_17  bromley_st_peter_st_paul200217_16
 bromley_st_peter_st_paul040317_37  bromley_st_peter_st_paul200217_18
 bromley_st_peter_st_paul200217_  bromley_st_peter_st_paul200217_2
 bromley_st_peter_st_paul200217_12  bromley_st_peter_st_paul200217_11
 bromley_st_peter_st_paul200217_4  bromley_st_peter_st_paul200217_6

St Augustine of Canterbury, Hospital Bridge Road, Whitton

By a busy roundabout some way south of the town centre. The church of 1958 is by J. Harold Gibbons,the executive architects were Humphreys and Hurst. is dominated by a huge tower.

whitton_st_augustine_of_canterbury261116_56 whitton_st_augustine_of_canterbury261116_2
 whitton_st_augustine_of_canterbury261116_5  whitton_st_augustine_of_canterbury261116_30
 whitton_st_augustine_of_canterbury261116_34  whitton_st_augustine_of_canterbury261116_15
 whitton_st_augustine_of_canterbury261116_17  whitton_st_augustine_of_canterbury261116_19
 whitton_st_augustine_of_canterbury261116_20  whitton_st_augustine_of_canterbury261116_21
 whitton_st_augustine_of_canterbury261116_22  whitton_st_augustine_of_canterbury261116_24
 whitton_st_augustine_of_canterbury261116_25  whitton_st_augustine_of_canterbury261116_14
 whitton_st_augustine_of_canterbury261116_31  whitton_st_augustine_of_canterbury261116_45
 whitton_st_augustine_of_canterbury261116_48  whitton_st_augustine_of_canterbury261116_53

St Mary, Kenton Road/St Leonards Avenue, Kenton

A church from 1936 by J. Harold Gibbons lying side on to Kenton Lane. The interior retains most original fittings, the vista eastwards is complex with a raised Lady Chapel behind the Baldacchino  over the high altar.



kenton_st_maryl280116_11  kenton_st_maryl280116_10
 kenton_st_maryl280116_  kenton_st_maryl280116_8

St Barnabas, Raglan Way, Northolt Park

A suburban church facing a very quiet dual carriageway. It is by J. Harold Gibbons started in 1939 but not completed until after WW2 in 1954.

northolt_park_st_barnabas260414_  northolt_park_st_barnabas260414_2
 northolt_park_st_barnabas260414_9  northolt_park_st_barnabas260414_5
 northolt_park_st_barnabas260414_7  northolt_park_st_barnabas260414_6

St Jerome, Judge Heath Lane, Dawley

North west of Hayes a church of 1933 by J. Harold Gibbons. The tower forms an arch linking the church and its halls.

dawley_st_jerome060314_1 dawley_st_jerome060314_2
 dawley_st_jerome060314_3  dawley_st_jerome060314_8
 dawley_st_jerome060314_5  dawley_st_jerome060314_4