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St Cuthbert, Philbeach Gardens, Earls Court

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At the apex of a Crescent near Earls Court Station. This is a centre of Anglo-Catholicism built in 1884-88 by H. Roumieu Gough. The interior has many arts and crafts fittings (e.g. lectern, altar rails, clock, royal arms) of 1897-1910 by W. Bainbridge Reynolds, together with a huge reredos of 1913-14 by Gilbert Boulton to designs by Ernest Geldart. The Lady Chapel has post-WW2 glass by Hugh Easton. Much of the interior wall decoration in the church was undertaken by members of Guilds founded by the church. The stained glass in the nave and clerestory is largely by C.E, Tute, that in the Baptistry by Kempe. The Stations of the Cross were painted by Franz Vinck in 1888. The Lady Chapel reredos, pulpit sounding board and an external Calvary were designed by J. Harold Gibbons. As there is so much to see the images are organised in a number of galleries.

Exterior and General Interior Views

Nave Decoration and Clerestory Statues


Lady Chapel


Nave and Clerestory Stained Glass

Fittings and Furnishings

Stations of the Cross

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