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St Mildred, Parkview Road, Addiscombe

A little nearer the centre of Addiscombe than the Roman Catholic church and Parkview Church this is a large church of 1931-1934 designed by Cecil Hare and his last church. A whole complex of buildings was constructed around its westwards and northwards to give extensive community facilities in 2007. Included in this is a small open courtyard chapel between the church and the extension. The interior of the church was redecorated in late 2018 giving it a very fresh look inside.

St Faith, Windmill Road, Brentford

North of the Roman Catholic church this is a building of 1906-07 by Bodley and Hare.


St Benet and All Saints, Lupton Street, Kentish Town

A large church in suburban streets. It was designed by Cecil Hare, who had worked with Bodley. The east end is of 1908 and the nave 1928, replacing one of 1884-85.


St Mathias, Friar Stile Road, Richmond

High up towards Richmond Hill. This is a commanding church by George Gilbert Scott, it dates from 1857-58 with the spire completed in 1861-62. All saints chapel was added in 1915 by Cecil Hare. The interior does not match the external experience as all but 2 of the nave bays were divided off for office and hall space in 1975-78.

richmond_st_mathias021116_48  richmond_st_mathias021116_45
 richmond_st_mathias021116_42  richmond_st_mathias021116_43
 richmond_st_mathias021116_  richmond_st_mathias021116_1
 richmond_st_mathias021116_25  richmond_st_mathias021116_32
 richmond_st_mathias021116_22  richmond_st_mathias021116_6
 richmond_st_mathias021116_37  richmond_st_mathias021116_36
 richmond_st_mathias021116_33  richmond_st_mathias021116_5
 richmond_st_mathias021116_3  richmond_st_mathias021116_16
 richmond_st_mathias021116_31  richmond_st_mathias021116_29
 richmond_st_mathias021116_13  richmond_st_mathias021116_12

St Mary at Eton, Hackney Wick

A Bodley & Garner church of 1890-92, with the western bays of the nave added by Cecil Hare in 1911-12. The name comes from this originally being a mission to the east end from Eton School. The church has recently been restored alongside the construction of new buildings on either side of the site. The lower photos show the church in December 2012 prior to the work,the upper ones post restoration in September 2017.

   Pre restoration pictures below
hackney_wick_st_mary_at_eton221112_  hackney_wick_st_mary_at_eton111212_4
 hackney_wick_st_mary_at_eton221112_4  hackney_wick_st_mary_at_eton111212_10
 hackney_wick_st_mary_at_eton111212_8  hackney_wick_st_mary_at_eton111212_7
 hackney_wick_st_mary_at_eton111212_6  hackney_wick_st_mary_at_eton111212_1