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Our Lady of the Rosary, West Common Road, Hayes (Roman Catholic)

South of the village centre. It was built as Rosary Hall in 1954 and upgraded to a church in 1956, the architect is unknown. The coloured glass and porch in the main front have since been added.


St Mary the Virgin, Hayes Street, Hayes

In the old village rather than near the station. This is a medieval church to which Gilbert Scott added a north aisle and restoration in 1856-62 and John Oldrid Scott added a south aisle in 1878. Thus only the tower, west wall and part of the chancel remain from the old church. There is a huge memorial to the Hambro banking family in the big churchyard.

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 hayes_st_mary200217_25  hayes_st_mary200217_18

Immaculate Heart of Mary, Botwell Lane, Hayes (Roman Catholic)

Sitting just north west of Hayes town centre, a vast church of 1961 by Burles, Newton and Partners. The large chancel painting is by Pietro Annigioni and the glass by Goddard and Gibbs.

hayes_immaculate_heart_of_mary_rc060314_1  hayes_immaculate_heart_of_mary_rc060314_2
 hayes_immaculate_heart_of_mary_rc060314_3  hayes_immaculate_heart_of_mary_rc060314_34
 hayes_immaculate_heart_of_mary_rc060314_6  hayes_immaculate_heart_of_mary_rc060314_7
 hayes_immaculate_heart_of_mary_rc060314_19  hayes_immaculate_heart_of_mary_rc060314_9
 hayes_immaculate_heart_of_mary_rc060314_11  hayes_immaculate_heart_of_mary_rc060314_10
 hayes_immaculate_heart_of_mary_rc060314_12  hayes_immaculate_heart_of_mary_rc060314_27
 hayes_immaculate_heart_of_mary_rc060314_20  hayes_immaculate_heart_of_mary_rc060314_14
 hayes_immaculate_heart_of_mary_rc060314_5  hayes_immaculate_heart_of_mary_rc060314_4

St Mary, Church Road, Hayes

Not far south of the Uxbridge Road and well over a mile north of the modern Hayes town centre. The chancel is 13th century, the tower and north aisle are 15th century, the porch and south aisle of the 16th century. Inside is a large 16th century St Christopher wall painting and the earliest brass in Middlesex. Restoration by George Gilbert Scott was in 1873.


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 hayes_st_mary050714_10  hayes_st_mary050714_16
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St Anselm, Station Road, Hayes

In the centre of Hayes’ shopping area. A church of 1926-28 by Hubert C. Corlette.

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 hayes_st_anselm060314_5  hayes_st_anselm060314_7
 hayes_st_anselm060314_6  hayes_st_anselm060314_4
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 hayes_st_anselm260414_21  hayes_st_anselm260414_16
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