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St Saviour, Herne Hill Road, Ruskin Park

At the northern end off Herne Hill, this was the church hall of the St Saviour’s Church that was demolished in 1981. The hall is now used as a church. It dates from 1913 and was designed by Beresford Pite.

herne_hill_ruskin_park_st_saviour070115_ herne_hill_ruskin_park_st_saviour070115_2
 herne_hill_ruskin_park_st_saviour070115_5  herne_hill_ruskin_park_st_saviour070115_3

St Philip & St James, Lowden Road, Herne Hill (Roman Catholic)

Attributed to F.W. Tasker and dating from 1906.

herne_hill_st_philip_st_james_rc161214_ herne_hill_st_philip_st_james_rc161214_2
 herne_hill_st_philip_st_james_rc161214_4  herne_hill_st_philip_st_james_rc161214_5

St Paul, Herne Hill

The original church of 1843-44 by G. Alexander was rebuilt after a fire by G.E. Street in 1858. Inside the west end has been screened off using the former rood screen, a WW1 memorial, and a full height glass partition to form a hall area and a number of smaller rooms.

  herne_hill_st_paul161214_4  herne_hill_st_paul161214_1
 herne_hill_st_paul161214_5  herne_hill_st_paul161214_

St John (former), Heron Road, Herne Hill

It was built as a chapel of ease to St Paul, Herne Hill around 1860. In 1981 it became a church hall, but from 2006 was a day nursery.

herne_hill_st_john_former161214_  herne_hill_st_john_former161214_1
 herne_hill_st_john_former161214_2  herne_hill_st_john_former161214_3