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St Luke, Alpha Grove, Millwall, Isle of Dogs

A new church which replaces the church of 1960 that closed in 2012, which itself replaced a war-damaged 19th-century church. It was opened in October 2018 as part of a mixed development with housing. The worship area is in the glazed area at first-floor level. It was designed by Phelan Architects.

Christ Church and St John, Manchester Road, Isle of Dogs

A landmark at the southern tip of the Isle of Dogs. It was designed by Frederick Johnstone and built 1852-54, new vestries and restoration by J.E.K and J.P. Cutts in 1906-07.

isle_of_dogs_christ_church141113_  isle_of_dogs_christ_church141113_2
 isle_of_dogs_christ_church141113_1 isle_of_dogs_christ_church141113_4

St Peter, WestIndia Quay, Isle of Dogs

A floating church in the shadow of the Canary Wharf development. It has been in place since 2003 outside the Docklands Museum.

isle_of_dogs_st_peters141113_  isle_of_dogs_st_peters141113_1

St Edmund, West Ferry Road, Isle of Dogs (Roman Catholic)

On the main road along the west side of the island it was built in 1999-2000 by David Aitken to replace a 19th century church.

isle_of_dogs_st_edmund_rcr141113_  isle_of_dogs_st_edmund_rcr141113_4

St Luke, Alpha Grove, Isle of Dogs(replaced by a new building)

Not far from Canary Wharf but in a much less well known area of the Isle of Dogs, disused from 2012, when the church moved to worship in a local school. It was built in 1960 to replace an older church. A new church on the corner of Alpha Grove and Havannah Street was opened in October 2018..

isle_of_dogs_st_luke_former141113_  isle_of_dogs_st_luke_former141113_1
 isle_of_dogs_st_luke_former141113_3  isle_of_dogs_st_luke_former141113_8
 isle_of_dogs_st_luke_former141113_10  isle_of_dogs_st_luke_former141113_5