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Christ Church, Studdridge Street, Fulham

Closing off the view looking south down Quarrendon Street, this is a church of 1902-03 by J.E.K Cutts and J.P. Cutts. The west end has been divided off vertically and horizontally for halls, kitchens and a store-room for the food bank. The former chancel screen is now at the east end. Arts and Crafts glass by Karl Parsons is now hidden away in the store-room at the west end. There are also several later Morris and Co windows.


All Saints, Durham Road, East Finchley

A large church off Fortis Green, designed by J.E.K and J.P. Cutts and built in 1892, with the chancel and apse added in 1912. The interior has been subdivided with the westernmost bays, divided off by the former rood screen, to form hall, toilet  and kitchen areas. The church has several modern furnishings such as the figure of St Cecilia with a viol  by Susanne Küster, the Golden Madonna by Beryl Dean and St Francis of Assisi by Naomi Blake.


St Martin, Mortimer Road, Kensal Rise

Side on to a suburban road round the corner from Kensal Rise station. It is a typical church by J.E.K. and J.P. Cutts dating from 1899.


St Peter, Clapham Manor Street, Clapham

Just off the High Street on a very cramped site. It is an early church by J.E.K. Cutts, dating from 1878-84. The chancel and lady cahpel were added in 1902 by J.E.K. and J.P. Cutts.

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 clapham_st_peter131114_6  clapham_st_peter131114_3

Holy Trinity, Rickmansworth Road, Northwood

Well west of the station and the town centre. This is a church of 1854 by S.S. Teulon, with a north aisle added by the Cutts Brothers in 1894 and a south aisle and west baptistery added in 1927 by W.C. Waymouth.

northwood_holy_trinity130314_  northwood_holy_trinity130314_4

St Saviour, Hanley Road, Upper Holloway

It dates from 1887-88 and was designed by J.E.K and J.P. Cutts.

upper_holloway_st_saviour091213_  upper_holloway_st_saviour091213_1
 upper_holloway_st_saviour091213_3 upper_holloway_st_saviour091213_4

Christ Church and St John, Manchester Road, Isle of Dogs

A landmark at the southern tip of the Isle of Dogs. It was designed by Frederick Johnstone and built 1852-54, new vestries and restoration by J.E.K and J.P. Cutts in 1906-07.

isle_of_dogs_christ_church141113_  isle_of_dogs_christ_church141113_2
 isle_of_dogs_christ_church141113_1 isle_of_dogs_christ_church141113_4