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St Mary the Virgin, Lansdowne Road, Tottenham

A typical large church of 1885-87 by J.E.K. Cutts. Church website

tottenham_st_mary_the_virgin120913_ tottenham_st_mary_the_virgin120913_3
 tottenham_st_mary_the_virgin120913_2  tottenham_st_mary_the_virgin120913_1

St Mark, Bush Hill Park, Enfield

A typical large church by J.E.K. and J.P. Cutts from 1893-1915. As with virtually all of their churches the tower is incomplete.

  enfield_st_mark170613_3  enfield_st_mark170613_5
enfield_st_mark170613_4 enfield_st_mark170613_1
 enfield_st_mark170613_      bush_hill_park_st_mark230116_19
 bush_hill_park_st_mark230116_9 bush_hill_park_st_mark230116_30
 bush_hill_park_st_mark230116_27  bush_hill_park_st_mark230116_21
 bush_hill_park_st_mark230116_22  bush_hill_park_st_mark230116_15
 bush_hill_park_st_mark230116_8  bush_hill_park_st_mark230116_25
bush_hill_park_st_mark230116_24 bush_hill_park_st_mark230116_4

St Matthew, South Street, Ponders End

The nave and north aisle are by H.J. Paull and date from 1877-78 and to which J.E.K and J.P. Cutts added a chancel and chapel in 1900.

   ponders_end_st_matthew130613_2  ponders_end_st_matthew230116_94
 ponders_end_st_matthew230116_81  ponders_end_st_matthew230116_100
 ponders_end_st_matthew230116_89  ponders_end_st_matthew230116_78
ponders_end_st_matthew230116_86  ponders_end_st_matthew130613_6
 ponders_end_st_matthew230116_ ponders_end_st_matthew230116_1
 ponders_end_st_matthew230116_60  ponders_end_st_matthew230116_25
ponders_end_st_matthew230116_18  ponders_end_st_matthew230116_19
 ponders_end_st_matthew230116_64 ponders_end_st_matthew230116_74
ponders_end_st_matthew230116_69 ponders_end_st_matthew230116_70
 ponders_end_st_matthew230116_61 ponders_end_st_matthew230116_2

St George, Freezy Water, Enfield Wash

A typical large suburban church by J.E.K and J.P. Cutts dating from 1899-1906.

    freezywater_st_george240216_24 enfield_st_george130613_5
 enfield_st_george130613_  freezywater_st_george240216_32
 freezywater_st_george240216_31 enfield_st_george130613_1
           freezywater_st_george240216_25 freezywater_st_george240216_28
freezywater_st_george240216_36 freezywater_st_george240216_34
 freezywater_st_george240216_3 freezywater_st_george240216_20
 freezywater_st_george240216_16  freezywater_st_george240216_1
 freezywater_st_george240216_22 freezywater_st_george240216_14
freezywater_st_george240216_  freezywater_st_george240216_11

Ascension Church Centre, Custom House

A large, now subdivided church by J.E.K Cutts and J.P. Cutts dating from 1903-07. It was part of a misson founded by Felstead School, Essex. The chancel is used for worship and the nave and aisles as a hall and associated facilities.

custom_house_ascension090513_19  custom_house_ascension090513_18
 custom_house_ascension090513_10 custom_house_ascension090513_8
 custom_house_ascension090513_4  custom_house_ascension090513_5
 custom_house_ascension090513_14  custom_house_ascension090513_13
 custom_house_ascension090513_7 custom_house_ascension090513_9
custom_house_ascension090513_6 custom_house_ascension090513_2
 custom_house_ascension090513_16 custom_house_ascension090513_15

St Alban, Albert Road, Ilford

A typical church by J.E.K. and J.P. Cutts built 1899-1910.

 ilford_st_alban130213_1  ilford_st_alban130213_3
 ilford_st_alban130213_2  ilford_st_alban130213_

St John the Evangelist, Aldborough Lane South, Seven Kings

The chancel and eastern nave by J.E.K. Cutts and J.P. Cutts 1902-03, the western part of the nave 1906, and the aisles finished by Cutts, Davis & Boddy 1913-14. In 1989-1990 the church interior was realigned by 180 degrees and divided. The Baptistry became the Sanctuary, with the western half of the nave becoming a worship area and gaining a large new stained glass window by Derek Hunt in 2005. The two arts and crafts windows in the former baptistry are by Louis Davis from 1908.The eastern end of the nave became an entry area and lounge and the chancel became a hall area with a kitchen in the north aisle and the south chancel chapel is now a storeroom.