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St John the Evangelist, Park Hill Road, Bexley

A large prominent building on the west side of Bexley. The architect was G. Low and it was built in 1881-82.

bexley_st_john_the_evangalist220114_1 bexley_st_john_the_evangalist220114_3
 bexley_st_john_the_evangalist220114_36  bexley_st_john_the_evangalist220114_7
 bexley_st_john_the_evangalist220114_16  bexley_st_john_the_evangalist220114_25
 bexley_st_john_the_evangalist220114_29  bexley_st_john_the_evangalist220114_21
 bexley_st_john_the_evangalist220114_18  bexley_st_john_the_evangalist220114_17
 bexley_st_john_the_evangalist220114_24  bexley_st_john_the_evangalist220114_26
 bexley_st_john_the_evangalist220114_14  bexley_st_john_the_evangalist220114_15

St James the Great, Penhill Road, Blendon

A suburban hall church of 1937, the chancel is separated from the nave which is effectively a hall area.

       blendon_st_james220114_13 blendon_st_james220114_14
 blendon_st_james220114_1  blendon_st_james220114_11
 blendon_st_james220114_4  blendon_st_james220114_9
 blendon_st_james220114_5  blendon_st_james220114_7

Our Lady of the Rosary, Burnt Oak Lane, Blackfen (Roman Catholic)

Hidden away behind the houses on Burnt Oak Lane, a church of 1936-37 by Edward John Walters of F.A. Walters and Sons.Aisles and a narthex were added in the 1960s by Walters and Kerr Bate

       blackfen_our_lady_of_the_rosary220114_14 blackfen_our_lady_of_the_rosary220114_15
 blackfen_our_lady_of_the_rosary220114_11  blackfen_our_lady_of_the_rosary220114_2
 blackfen_our_lady_of_the_rosary220114_9  blackfen_our_lady_of_the_rosary220114_7
 blackfen_our_lady_of_the_rosary220114_5  blackfen_our_lady_of_the_rosary220114_3

St Stephen, Depedene Road, Welling (Roman Catholic)

A small church with a big car park, just behind the main street in Welling. It was built in 1935 and designed by Edward John Walters.

welling_st_stephen_rc140114_  welling_st_stephen_rc140114_1
 welling_st_stephen_rc140114_2  welling_st_stephen_rc140114_3

St John the Evangelist, Danson Lane, Welling

On the edge of Danson Park, a church of 1926 by Evelyn Hellicar.

welling_st_john_the_evangelist140114_ welling_st_john_the_evangelist140114_17
 welling_st_john_the_evangelist140114_2  welling_st_john_the_evangelist140114_3
 welling_st_john_the_evangelist140114_14  welling_st_john_the_evangelist140114_13
 welling_st_john_the_evangelist140114_7  welling_st_john_the_evangelist140114_6
 welling_st_john_the_evangelist140114_9  welling_st_john_the_evangelist140114_4

Holy Trinity, Lamorbey

Near Sidcup station. It was designed by Ewan Christian and built 1879, restored in 1949 after war damage.

  lamborbey_holy_trinity140114_3  lamborbey_holy_trinity140114_2
 lamborbey_holy_trinity140114_4  lamborbey_holy_trinity140114_1

Holy Redeemer, Days Lane, Lamorbey

In quiet suburbia with a large garden area to the front. It was designed by A.S.R. Ley and built 1933. The interior has been realigned to face the long wall, leaving the chancel as a small chapel.

lamborbey_holy_redeemer140114_ lamborbey_holy_redeemer140114_1
 lamborbey_holy_redeemer140114_3  lamborbey_holy_redeemer140114_6
 lamborbey_holy_redeemer140114_13  lamborbey_holy_redeemer140114_18
 lamborbey_holy_redeemer140114_11  lamborbey_holy_redeemer140114_20
 lamborbey_holy_redeemer140114_9  lamborbey_holy_redeemer140114_5

Bishop Ridley Church, The Green, Falconwood

In the far west of the borough of Bexley, a small, very evangelical church of 1957-58

falconwood_bishop_ridley140114_1 falconwood_bishop_ridley140114_
 falconwood_bishop_ridley140114_2  falconwood_bishop_ridley140114_3

Church of the Good Shepherd (former), Blackfen Road, Blackfen, DA15 8PT

Built in 1967, but not used as a church since the late 1980s. It is now used as a community hall.

blackfen_good_shepherd140114_  blackfen_good_shepherd140114_3

St John Vianney, Heathfield Road, Bexleyheath (Roman Catholic)

In a quiet street behind the town centre. Built in 1958-59 to replace a 1930s church. It was designed by Henry Bingham Towner.

 bexleyheath_st_john_vianney140114_  bexleyheath_st_john_vianney140114_1
 bexleyheath_st_john_vianney140114_2 bexleyheath_st_john_vianney140114_3