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St James, North Cray

On the edge of attractive parkland bordering the Cray Valley. The church was rebuilt by Edin Nash in 1850-52 (nave) and 1871 (chancel). The tower was added in 1857.

north_cray_st_james220114_2  north_cray_st_james220114_3
 north_cray_st_james220114_5  north_cray_st_james220114_6

St Mary, Bexley

The original parish church for Bexley in a wooded churchyard easy of Old Bexley village centre. It dates from the 13th century but was heavily restored by Basil Champneys in 1882-83.

   bexley_st_mary220114_7  bexley_st_mary220114_8
 bexley_st_mary220114_10 bexley_st_mary220114_1
 bexley_st_mary220114_3  bexley_st_mary220114_11

St John Fisher, Thanet Road, Bexley (Roman Catholic)

Close to the centre of Old Bexley, it is a building of 1974-74 by Ivor Day and O’Brien.

bexley_st_john_fisher_rc220114_  bexley_st_john_fisher_rc220114_1
 bexley_st_john_fisher_rc220114_4  bexley_st_john_fisher_rc220114_2

St John the Evangelist, Park Hill Road, Bexley

A large prominent building on the west side of Bexley. The architect was G. Low and it was built in 1881-82.

bexley_st_john_the_evangalist220114_1 bexley_st_john_the_evangalist220114_3
 bexley_st_john_the_evangalist220114_36  bexley_st_john_the_evangalist220114_7
 bexley_st_john_the_evangalist220114_16  bexley_st_john_the_evangalist220114_25
 bexley_st_john_the_evangalist220114_29  bexley_st_john_the_evangalist220114_21
 bexley_st_john_the_evangalist220114_18  bexley_st_john_the_evangalist220114_17
 bexley_st_john_the_evangalist220114_24  bexley_st_john_the_evangalist220114_26
 bexley_st_john_the_evangalist220114_14  bexley_st_john_the_evangalist220114_15

St James the Great, Penhill Road, Blendon

A suburban hall church of 1937, the chancel is separated from the nave which is effectively a hall area.

       blendon_st_james220114_13 blendon_st_james220114_14
 blendon_st_james220114_1  blendon_st_james220114_11
 blendon_st_james220114_4  blendon_st_james220114_9
 blendon_st_james220114_5  blendon_st_james220114_7

Our Lady of the Rosary, Burnt Oak Lane, Blackfen (Roman Catholic)

Hidden away behind the houses on Burnt Oak Lane, a church of 1936-37 by Edward John Walters of F.A. Walters and Sons.Aisles and a narthex were added in the 1960s by Walters and Kerr Bate

       blackfen_our_lady_of_the_rosary220114_14 blackfen_our_lady_of_the_rosary220114_15
 blackfen_our_lady_of_the_rosary220114_11  blackfen_our_lady_of_the_rosary220114_2
 blackfen_our_lady_of_the_rosary220114_9  blackfen_our_lady_of_the_rosary220114_7
 blackfen_our_lady_of_the_rosary220114_5  blackfen_our_lady_of_the_rosary220114_3

St Stephen, Depedene Road, Welling (Roman Catholic)

A small church with a big car park, just behind the main street in Welling. It was built in 1935 and designed by Edward John Walters.

welling_st_stephen_rc140114_  welling_st_stephen_rc140114_1
 welling_st_stephen_rc140114_2  welling_st_stephen_rc140114_3