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Lesnes Abbey (Ruin), Park Road, Abbey Wood

Now part of a park on the lower slopes of an extensive woodland above the suburb of Abbey Wood. These are the remains, mainly footings but with some higher walls from the Chapter House and other buildings of an Augustinian Abbey started in 1178 and suppressed in 1525.

Church of the Cross, Lensbury Way, Thamesmead

Serving Thamesmead South much nearer to Abbey Wood station than St Paul. It dates from 1975 and is much used for community purposes (including the worship space).

St Lawrence, Main Road, Sidcup (Roman Catholic)

Very close to Christ Church, a domed church of 1906 by Edward Goldie. Financial issues meant that completion had to wait until 1930.

sidcup_st_lawrence_rc130214_  sidcup_st_lawrence_rc130214_8
 sidcup_st_lawrence_rc130214_7  sidcup_st_lawrence_rc130214_6
 sidcup_st_lawrence_rc130214_16  sidcup_st_lawrence_rc130214_13
 sidcup_st_lawrence_rc130214_11  sidcup_st_lawrence_rc130214_5
 sidcup_st_lawrence_rc130214_2  sidcup_st_lawrence_rc130214_14

St John the Evangelist, Church Road, Sidcup

To the east of the town centre, but hidden down a side turning. It is a large church of 1899-1901 by George Fellowes-Prynne, added to a chancel and lady chapel of 1882 by R.J. Withers. It features one of Fellowes-Prynne’s characteristic stone screens. The pulpit is of 1651. The church more foundation and consecration stones than any other church I know of.

               sidcup_st_john_the_evangelist130214_54    sidcup_st_john_the_evangelist130214_58
 sidcup_st_john_the_evangelist130214_1 sidcup_st_john_the_evangelist130214_50
 sidcup_st_john_the_evangelist130214_24  sidcup_st_john_the_evangelist130214_23
 sidcup_st_john_the_evangelist130214_46  sidcup_st_john_the_evangelist130214_42
 sidcup_st_john_the_evangelist130214_30  sidcup_st_john_the_evangelist130214_22
 sidcup_st_john_the_evangelist130214_8  sidcup_st_john_the_evangelist130214_14
 sidcup_st_john_the_evangelist130214_6  sidcup_st_john_the_evangelist130214_12
 sidcup_st_john_the_evangelist130214_38  sidcup_st_john_the_evangelist130214_60
sidcup_st_john_the_evangelist130214_55 sidcup_st_john_the_evangelist130214_57

Christ Church, Main Road, Sidcup

The parish church for western Sidcup. It is by A.R. Baker and Son, 1900-1901.

sidcup_christ_church130214_1 sidcup_christ_church130214_
 sidcup_christ_church130214_3  sidcup_christ_church130214_5

St Botolph (former), Ruxley

A small medieval chapel now used as a storage room at Ruxley Manor garden centre. The parish was united with North Cray in 1557.

ruxley_st_botolph130214_ ruxley_st_botolph130214_2
 ruxley_st_botolph130214_3  ruxley_st_botolph130214_4

All Saints, Rectory Lane, Foots Cray

Down the semi rural Rectory lane, on the edge of the Cray Meadows. The church was heavily rebuilt and extended west and east by Henry Hakewill around 1863, with only a few medieval features remaining.

 foots_cray_all_saints130214_ foots_cray_all_saints130214_3
 foots_cray_all_saints130214_8  foots_cray_all_saints130214_6
Above: The church in February 2014  
Below: The church in September 2021  

St Andrew, Maylands Park, Albany Park

In the Albany Park Estate east of Sidcup. It dates from 1964 by Braddock, Martin-Smith and Lipley. Built on a slope with halls underneath and a church on top.

  sidcup_st_andrew220114_3 sidcup_st_andrew220114_2
 sidcup_st_andrew220114_4  sidcup_st_andrew220114_7
 sidcup_st_andrew220114_1  sidcup_st_andrew220114_6

St James, North Cray

On the edge of attractive parkland bordering the Cray Valley. The church was rebuilt by Edin Nash in 1850-52 (nave) and 1871 (chancel). The tower was added in 1857.

north_cray_st_james220114_2  north_cray_st_james220114_3
 north_cray_st_james220114_5  north_cray_st_james220114_6

St Mary, Park Hill Road, Bexley

The original parish church for Bexley in a wooded churchyard easy of Old Bexley village centre. It dates from the 13th century but was heavily restored by Basil Champneys in 1882-83.

   bexley_st_mary220114_7  bexley_st_mary220114_8
 bexley_st_mary220114_10 bexley_st_mary220114_1
 bexley_st_mary220114_3  bexley_st_mary220114_11