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Christ Church, Broadway, Bexleyheath DA6 7EE

An impressively bulky church side on to the Broadway, next to ASDA. It was designed by a William Knight of Nottingham 1872-79.

          bexleyheath_christchurch140114_32  bexleyheath_christchurch140114_33
 bexleyheath_christchurch140114_17  bexleyheath_christchurch140114_16
 bexleyheath_christchurch140114_5  bexleyheath_christchurch140114_6
 bexleyheath_christchurch140114_8  bexleyheath_christchurch140114_9
 bexleyheath_christchurch140114_19  bexleyheath_christchurch140114_30
 bexleyheath_christchurch140114_28  bexleyheath_christchurch140114_31

St Mary, Wickham Street, Welling

North west of the town centre, a prominent church of 1954 by Thomas F. Ford. The large ascension is by Hans Feibusch, the paintings above the passage aisles and stained glass were designed by Clare Dawson.

welling_st_mary_the_virgin090114_  welling_st_mary_the_virgin090114_4
 welling_st_mary_the_virgin090114_6  welling_st_mary_the_virgin090114_31
 welling_st_mary_the_virgin090114_11  welling_st_mary_the_virgin090114_16
 welling_st_mary_the_virgin090114_15  welling_st_mary_the_virgin090114_23
 welling_st_mary_the_virgin090114_18  welling_st_mary_the_virgin090114_24
 welling_st_mary_the_virgin090114_7  welling_st_mary_the_virgin090114_27

Christ the Saviour (former St Michael), Upper Wickham Lane, East Wickham (Greek Orthodox)

The original 13th century parish church of East Wickham, replaced in 1935 by the current St Michael. It was made redundant in 1973 and has been used by a Greek Orthodox congregation since 1974. Many fittings were moved into St Michael but for obvious reasons wall paintings remain.

          east_wickham_christ_the_saviour_go090114_12 east_wickham_christ_the_saviour_go090114_
 crayford_st_paulinus090114_39  east_wickham_christ_the_saviour_go090114_11
 east_wickham_christ_the_saviour_go090114_1  east_wickham_christ_the_saviour_go090114_7
 east_wickham_christ_the_saviour_go090114_4  east_wickham_christ_the_saviour_go090114_3
 east_wickham_christ_the_saviour_go090114_6  east_wickham_christ_the_saviour_go090114_2

St Michael, Upper Wickham Lane, East Wickham

In a large shared church yard, this building replaced the medieval church which is now the Greek Orthodox church of Christ the Saviour. It was designed by Thomas F. Ford and built in 1933.

   east_wickham_st_michael090114_6 east_wickham_st_michael090114_7
 east_wickham_st_michael090114_1  east_wickham_st_michael090114_3

St Andrew, Brampton Road, Bostall Heath

A suburban church of 1956-57, replacing a wooden church of 1935.

bostall_heath_st_andrew090114_8 bostall_heath_st_andrew090114_9
 bostall_heath_st_andrew090114_12  bostall_heath_st_andrew090114_10
    bostall_heath_st_andrew140114_8  bostall_heath_st_andrew140114_1
 bostall_heath_st_andrew140114_10  bostall_heath_st_andrew140114_11

St. Thomas More, Long Lane, Bostall Park (Roman Catholic)

A small suburban church of 1951 replacing a temporary building of 1936. The architect is attributed to “Glover” other names unknown.

bostall_park_st_thomas_more_rc090114_1  bostall_park_st_thomas_more_rc090114_2

St Peter, Pickford Lane, Bexleyheath

A suburban church in the northern part of Bexleyheath. It was designed by Thomas F. Ford and built in 1957. A small chapel which is kept open is attached at the rear.

bexleyheath_st_peter090114_4 bexleyheath_st_peter090114_6
 bexleyheath_st_peter090114_5  bexleyheath_st_peter090114_3
 bexleyheath_st_peter090114_2  bexleyheath_st_peter090114_1

St Martin, Erith Road, Barnehurst

A basilica of 1936 not far from Bexleyheath bus garage. The architect was P.M. Andrews.

  barnehurst_st_martin090114_6  barnehurst_st_martin090114_1
 barnehurst_st_martin090114_4 barnehurst_st_martin090114_

St Mary of the Crays, Old Road, Crayford (Roman Catholic)

Almost opposite St Paulinus this church was built in 1972-73 to designs by W. Brian Mead replacing a church of 1842, demolished in 1974. The organ, some stained glass and altar rails were retained from the old church.

crayford_st_mary_of_the_crays090114_ crayford_st_mary_of_the_crays090114_2
 crayford_st_mary_of_the_crays090114_11  crayford_st_mary_of_the_crays090114_14
 crayford_st_mary_of_the_crays090114_4  crayford_st_mary_of_the_crays090114_9
 crayford_st_mary_of_the_crays090114_6  crayford_st_mary_of_the_crays090114_5
 crayford_st_mary_of_the_crays090114_13  crayford_st_mary_of_the_crays090114_3

St Paulinus, Crayford

High on a ridge above the town centre and visible from a long way off. The interior is unusual as it is a double naved church with a chancel lined up 50/50 with each nave so the arcade dies into the apex of the chancel arch. The building is Norman with much 15th century enlargement and a restoration of 1862 by J.Clarke.The stained glass is mainly of 1953-55 by Hugh Easton.

        crayford_st_paulinus090114_31  crayford_st_paulinus090114_36
 crayford_st_paulinus090114_23  crayford_st_paulinus090114_9
 crayford_st_paulinus090114_12  crayford_st_paulinus090114_19
 crayford_st_paulinus090114_4  crayford_st_paulinus090114_5
 crayford_st_paulinus090114_10  crayford_st_paulinus090114_24
 crayford_st_paulinus090114_11  crayford_st_paulinus090114_8