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All Saints, Church Road, Highgate

Difficult to view clearly, a church of 1864 by A.W. Blomfield with a south aisle added in 1874 and a north aisle in 1912 by J. Stockdale

  highgate_all_saints190913_3 highgate_all_saints190913_1
 highgate_all_saints190913_2  highgate_all_saints190913_4

St Augustine, Archway Road, Archway

A large church facing onto Archway Road just north of the bridge. It was designed by J.D. Sedding 1884-87, the nave completed by Henry Wilson with a west end of 1914-15 by J.H. Gibbons

archway_st_augustine190913_5  archway_st_augustine190913_6
 archway_st_augustine091213_4 archway_st_augustine190913_4
 archway_st_augustine091213_  archway_st_augustine091213_1
     highgate_st_augustine150916_36  highgate_st_augustine150916_25
 highgate_st_augustine150916_44  highgate_st_augustine150916_
 highgate_st_augustine150916_2  highgate_st_augustine150916_3
 highgate_st_augustine150916_39  highgate_st_augustine150916_41
 highgate_st_augustine150916_6  highgate_st_augustine150916_11
 highgate_st_augustine150916_18  highgate_st_augustine150916_8
 highgate_st_augustine150916_21  highgate_st_augustine150916_43
 highgate_st_augustine150916_10  highgate_st_augustine150916_9
 highgate_st_augustine150916_29  highgate_st_augustine150916_28
 highgate_st_augustine150916_4  highgate_st_augustine150916_26
 highgate_st_augustine150916_24  highgate_st_augustine150916_27
 highgate_st_augustine150916_1  highgate_st_augustine150916_13
 highgate_st_augustine150916_12  highgate_st_augustine150916_37
 highgate_st_augustine150916_33  highgate_st_augustine150916_23

Christ Church, Crescent Rd, Crouch End, N8 8AX

An early church by A.W. Blomfield, 1861, the nave, chancel and north aisle, 1867 south aisle, 1873 tower and spire, 1881 west porch, 1906 north aisle enlarged by W.A. Pite.

crouch_end_christ_church190913_ crouch_end_christ_church190913_1
 crouch_end_christ_church190913_5  crouch_end_christ_church190913_4





St Mary with St George, Cranley Gardens, Hornsey

Built in 1959, designed by Randall Morris to replace a war damaged church and St Mary’s, whose tower still stands. A few brasses and memorials from that church are on display in this building Church website

hornsey_st_mary_and_george190913_  hornsey_st_mary_and_george190913_3
 hornsey_st_mary_and_george190913_5  hornsey_st_mary_and_george190913_4

St James, Muswell Hill

Dominating Muswell Hill is this large church of 1900-1902 by J.S. Alder. Tower and spire were added 1909-10.

          muswell_hill_st_james190913_22 muswell_hill_st_james190913_3
 muswell_hill_st_james190913_19  muswell_hill_st_james190913_5
 muswell_hill_st_james190913_6  muswell_hill_st_james190913_16
 muswell_hill_st_james190913_11  muswell_hill_st_james190913_12
 muswell_hill_st_james190913_15  muswell_hill_st_james190913_13

Our Lady of Muswell, Colney Hatch Lane, Muswell Hill (Roman catholic)

To the north of the centre of Muswell Hill, a typical RC brick basillica of 1938 by T.H.B. Scott.

      muswell_hill_our_lady_of_muswell_rc190913_12 muswell_hill_our_lady_of_muswell_rc190913_13
 muswell_hill_our_lady_of_muswell_rc190913_5  muswell_hill_our_lady_of_muswell_rc190913_11
 muswell_hill_our_lady_of_muswell_rc190913_10  muswell_hill_our_lady_of_muswell_rc190913_8
 muswell_hill_our_lady_of_muswell_rc190913_2  muswell_hill_our_lady_of_muswell_rc190913_3

St Andrew, Alexandra Park Road, Muswell Hill

A  J.S. Alder church dating from 1903, rebuilt and a new west end added in 1957 by R.S. Morris following war damage.

wood_green_st_andrew190913_  wood_green_st_andrew190913_1
 wood_green_st_andrew190913_2 wood_green_st_andrew190913_3

St Mark, Gladstone Avenue, Wood Green

The church of the Noel Park estate, just behind Wood Green town centre. It is by Rowland Plumbe and dates from 1889. The comprehensive stained glass scheme is all by Arthur J. Dix, just a selection is shown here.

 wood_green_st_mark190913_ wood_green_st_mark190913_1
 wood_green_st_mark190913_4  wood_green_st_mark190913_3
 wood_green_st_mark190913_5  wood_green_st_mark190913_6

St Mary, High Street, Hornsey

Only the medieval tower is left. The tower top is all that is left of a church of 1832 by George Smith that was demolished in 1927.

    hornsey_st_mary120913_2 hornsey_st_mary120913_1
 hornsey_st_mary120913_  hornsey_st_mary120913_3

St Augustine of Canterbury (former), Mattison Road, Haringey (Roman Catholic)

Built as a Methodist church in 1900, sold to the Roman Catholics in 1963 and closed in 2009.

  haringay_st_augustine_rc_former120913_1  haringay_st_augustine_rc_former120913_