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St Philip and St James, Whitwell Road, Plaistow

From 1954-55 by J. Harold Gibbons, in an area of housing just north of Barking Road.

plaistow_st_philip_and_st_james_rc090513_7 plaistow_st_philip_and_st_james_rc090513_3
 plaistow_st_philip_and_st_james_rc090513_2  plaistow_st_philip_and_st_james_rc090513_1

St Mary, Plaistow

A rather grim looking church of 1981 hidden in a corner of the churchyard of a demolished late nineteenth century church.

 plaistow_st_mary090513_3  plaistow_st_mary090513_2

St Anthony, Upton (Roman Catholic)

A large church of 1884-91 by Pugin & Pugin, attached to a Franciscan monastery.

  upton_st_anthony_rc280213_1 upton_st_anthony_rc280213_
 upton_st_anthony_rc280213_2  upton_st_anthony_rc280213_3

All Saints, Romford Road, Manor Park

A large church near Woodgrange Park Station. It was built in 1886 and designed by A.W. Blomfield. It is now (November 2017) threatened with demolition.

 forest_gate_all_saints280213_2  forest_gate_all_saints280213_

Emmanuel, Forest Gate

Forest Gate’s town centre church on a busy cross roads. It is by George Gilbert Scott dating from 1850-52. The north aisle was enlarged by W.A Coombs in 1890-91 so that the immediate impression is of a double naved church.

  forest_gate_emmanuel280213_6  forest_gate_emmanuel280213_5
 forest_gate_emmanuel280213_7  forest_gate_emmanuel280213_3
 forest_gate_emmanuel280213_2  forest_gate_emmanuel280213_

St Saviour, MacDonald Road, Forest Gate

Originally the church hall. By F.Danby Smith 1904

 forest_gate_st_saviour280213_ forest_gate_st_saviour280213_1

St Mary Magdalene, East Ham

In essence a small norman church but after considerable neglect it was restored by J.T. Micklethwaite 1891-96 and several times subsequently. It is over a mile south of the town centre and the churchyard, which is very large is now a formal nature reserve.

east_ham_church100512_5  east_ham_church100512_7
 east_ham_church100512_4  east_ham_church100512_3
 east_ham_church100512_1  east_ham_church100512_2
 east_ham_church100512_6  east_ham_st_mary_magdalene210913_1
 east_ham_st_mary_magdalene210913_3  east_ham_st_mary_magdalene210913_19
 east_ham_st_mary_magdalene210913_13  east_ham_st_mary_magdalene210913_8
 east_ham_st_mary_magdalene210913_7  east_ham_st_mary_magdalene210913_14
 east_ham_st_mary_magdalene210913_15  east_ham_st_mary_magdalene210913_16

St Chad and St Andrew, Plaistow

A James Brooks church of 1868-70. Now used by the Brazillian cult church Universal Church of the Kingdom of God.

plaistow_st_chad051211_5  plaistow_st_chad051211_7
 plaistow_st_chad051211_1  plaistow_st_chad051211_2
 plaistow_st_chad051211_3  plaistow_st_chad051211_

St John the Evangelist, Stratford

On a island site by the old Stratford shopping centre. The churchyard has a giant memorial to protestant martyrs. The church is by Edward Blore from 1832-34, the chancel was added in 1884.

stratford_st_johns_church140112_2 stratford_st_johns_church140112_
 stratford_st_johns_church140112_3  stratford_st_john230513_11
 stratford_st_john230513_5  stratford_st_john230513_7
 stratford_st_john230513_4  stratford_st_john230513_1
 stratford_st_john230513_16  stratford_st_john230513_13
 stratford_st_john230513_  stratford_st_john230513_14

All Saints, Church Street, West Ham

A large medieval church mainly surrounded by 20th century housing.

west_ham_all_saints090513_6  west_ham_all_saints030512_6
 west_ham_all_saints090513_5  west_ham_all_saints090513_3
 west_ham_all_saints030512_1  west_ham_all_saints030512_
 west_ham_all_saints090513_21 west_ham_all_saints090513_24
 west_ham_all_saints090513_36 west_ham_all_saints090513_11
     west_ham_all_saints090513_25  west_ham_all_saints090513_32
 west_ham_all_saints090513_28  west_ham_all_saints090513_15
 west_ham_all_saints090513_12  west_ham_all_saints090513_13
 west_ham_all_saints090513_16  west_ham_all_saints090513_18