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All Saints, Romford Road, Manor Park

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A large church near Woodgrange Park Station. It was built in 1886 and designed by A.W. Blomfield. It is now (November 2017) threatened with demolition.

 forest_gate_all_saints280213_2  forest_gate_all_saints280213_


  1. will johnson says:

    When investigating All Saints, Manor Park, via your site recently, I was surprised to see your comment that it was
    under threat of demolition. Do you have any more info…I haven’t been able to discover anything. Would be a
    great loss to this rather dreary neighbourhood.


  2. R saravanan says:

    yes we have information that there is plan to demolish and reconstruct in a modern way. However God will talk to peoples living in the perish and adjacent perish and fill with them to enable to maintain as such

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