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St Swithun, Grovelands Road, Purley

On a hillside on the west side of the Brighton Road. There are two buildings here. On the higher ground is what is now the church hall built in 1929 and designed by S. Jupp. Below it is a church of 1954 designed By D.E. Nye and Partners. This is on the site of a church by N.F. Cachemaille-Day which was left incomplete at the outbreak of WW2 and largely demolished to enable this building to be constructed. A window and plaque commemorate two churches in Greenwich destroyed in the war and whose compensation sums paid for this building. The hall is shown in the last 2 images.

St Faith, Red Post Hill, North Dulwich

A very late gothic revival building of 1958 by David Nye and Partners. At the east end there is a Lady Chapel that contains a set of windows by Lawrence Lee, also from 1958. Across the car park is the hall which was used or services prior to the current church being built. It dates from 1907-1908 and is by Greenaway and Newberry

St Edward the Confessor, Keverne Road, Mottingham

In the centre of a large inter war London County Council estate. The current church dates from 1957 and was designed by David Nye and Partners. Next door the original hall/church of 1937 is still in use solely as the church hall.


St Mark, Westmoreland Road, Bromley

Round the corner from Bromley South station. The church was built in 1897-98 by Evelyn Hellicar, the vicar’s son. WW2 damage left only the tower and arcades standing. It was rebuilt in 1953 by David Nye and Partners using plans by T.F.W. Grant.

                        bromley_st_mark030217_ bromley_st_mark030217_2
 bromley_st_mark030217_33  bromley_st_mark030217_16
 bromley_st_mark030217_11  bromley_st_mark030217_7
 bromley_st_mark030217_8  bromley_st_mark030217_14
 bromley_st_mark030217_10  bromley_st_mark030217_15
 bromley_st_mark030217_38  bromley_st_mark030217_26
 bromley_st_mark030217_19  bromley_st_mark030217_24
 bromley_st_mark030217_22  bromley_st_mark030217_28
 bromley_st_mark030217_29  bromley_st_mark030217_5
 bromley_st_mark030217_18  bromley_st_mark030217_12
 bromley_st_mark030217_36  bromley_st_mark030217_31
 bromley_st_mark030217_32  bromley_st_mark030217_40

St Mark, St Mark’s Place, Wimbledon

Close to the station, it replaced a 19th century church that burnt down in 1966. It dates from 1968-69 and was designed by Humphreys & Hirst and David Nye & Partners.


 wimbledon_st_mark130114_2  wimbledon_st_mark130114_
 wimbledon_st_mark130114_1  wimbledon_st_mark130114_5