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St Philip and St James, Hounslow Road, Whitton

A small church in a large churchyard at the northern end of Whitton. It is by F.H.Pownall and dates from 1862

whitton_st_philip_st_james261116_6  whitton_st_philip_st_james261116_5
 whitton_st_philip_st_james261116_2  whitton_st_philip_st_james261116_4
 whitton_st_philip_st_james261116_  whitton_st_philip_st_james261116_3
 whitton_st_philip_st_james301116_28  whitton_st_philip_st_james301116_22
 whitton_st_philip_st_james301116_8  whitton_st_philip_st_james301116_25
 whitton_st_philip_st_james301116_11  whitton_st_philip_st_james301116_18
 whitton_st_philip_st_james301116_26  whitton_st_philip_st_james301116_10
 whitton_st_philip_st_james301116_3  whitton_st_philip_st_james301116_6
 whitton_st_philip_st_james301116_2  whitton_st_philip_st_james301116_18

St Dunstan, Church Road, Cheam

Built 1862-64 to designs by F.H. Pownall, the tower and spire were added by Carpenter & Ingelow in 1870.

 cheam_st_dunstan100314_ cheam_st_dunstan100314_30
 cheam_st_dunstan100314_31  cheam_st_dunstan100314_30
 cheam_st_dunstan100314_29  cheam_st_dunstan100314_28
 cheam_st_dunstan100314_15  cheam_st_dunstan100314_14
 cheam_st_dunstan100314_8  cheam_st_dunstan100314_20
 cheam_st_dunstan100314_2  cheam_st_dunstan100314_5
 cheam_st_dunstan100314_7  cheam_st_dunstan100314_27
 cheam_st_dunstan100314_16  cheam_st_dunstan100314_18

Sacred Heart of Jesus, Eden Grove, Lower Holloway (Roman Catholic)

Part of the street front and rather hidden away. It is by F.H. Pownall and dates from 1869-70.

holloway_sacred_heart)of_jesus_rc091213_  holloway_sacred_heart)of_jesus_rc091213_1
 holloway_sacred_heart)of_jesus_rc091213_2  holloway_sacred_heart)of_jesus_rc091213_3

Corpus Christi, Covent Garden (Roman Catholic)

Set below road level, close to the Piazza area. Designed 1873-74 by F.H. Pownall. It was undergoing east end restoration in October 2016 when the images at the foot of this set with scaffolding were taken. The latest images from April 2018 show the completed work, including the exposed brickwork of the nave.

covent_garden_corpus_christi300916_15  covent_garden_corpus_christi300916_14
 covent_garden_corpus_christi300916_2  covent_garden_corpus_christi300916_7
 covent_garden_corpus_christi300916_12  covent_garden_corpus_christi300916_5
 covent_garden_corpus_christi300916_1  covent_garden_corpus_christi300916_

St Peter London Docks, Wapping Lane, Wapping.

Its origins are in a mission to the poor and the actual church lies behind the sisters’ and clergy houses. The church was designed by F.H. Pownall in 1865-66, with the west end, chapel and baptistry added 1884-1894 by Maurice B. Adams, this work was not completed until 1939. The whole building needed considerable reconstruction in 1948-50 after war damage. Off the south aisle there is a small Walsingham chapel with extensive wall painting.

    wapping_st_peter_london_docks141113_1 wapping_st_peter_london_docks141113_